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What defines you?

It has been said (actually by several theologians)...
That whatever you think about God, is what defines you.

No matter what you think about God, that determines who you are.
If you think God is Allah, that defines what your priorities are.
If you think God doesn't exist, that defines your moral values.
If you think God is impersonal and doesn't really acknowledge the human race, that defines your perspective of God.
If you think God is a Trinity that defines your concept of God.
If you think God is constantly changing His values based on human society that defines your values.
If you think of God as a loving Father that defines how your perceive Him.
If you think Jesus is God that also defines how you perceive God.
If you think the Holy Spirit is God that also affects how you see God.
If you think God is simply one of many gods, that affects your belief values.
If you think God is only that affects your trust for Him.
If you think God is capable of god and evil that affects your world view.

Now don't get me wrong... God is God. God always stays the same.
He doesn't change, but how we see Him isn't always the same for all individuals.

If you ask 100 people how they view God, you will almost certainly get at least a dozen different answers.
Now of course, everyone isn't right. But right or wrong, it affects how you perceive your life.
We can't feel more special when grasping God of the universe became as one of us to take our place on the cross :smile:.