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What decade were you born in.......signs of the times?

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What decade were you born in?

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Greetings brothers and sisters

What decade were you born in?

And what changes have you seen?

What signs of the times have you observed?

O the clanging bells of Time!
Night and day they never cease;
We are wearied with their chime,
For they do not bring us peace;
And we hush our breath to hear,
And we strain our eyes to see,
If thy shores are drawing near,—

O the clanging bells of Time!
How their changes rise and fall,
But in under tone sublime,
Sounding clearly thro’ them all,
Is a voice that must be heard,
As our moments onward flee,
And it speaketh aye one word,—

O the clanging bells of Time!
To their voices loud and low,
In a long, unresting line
We are marching to and fro;
And we yearn for sight or sound,
Of the light that is to be,
For the breath doth wrap us round,—

O the clanging bells of Time!
Soon their notes will all be dumb,
And in joy and peace sublime,
We shall feel the silence come;
And our souls their thirst will slake,
And our eyes the King will see,
When thy glorious morn shall break,—

more sin in the world then ever before then I noticed.

more attention to the middle east, as a teen I never herd anything on the middle east
I met someone this week, who was born after I graduated high-school who has a grand-child.
Talk about making you feel old :)
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One thing that seems to have moved with such speed over the past decade......is the move towards a cashless society.....

Cash is becoming almost obsolete in many countries.
Electronic payment through PayPal and Google Wallet are now commonplace.
Even in the third world the push to become cashless is increasing.....look up Rwanda and Nigeria as examples.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Revelation 13:17
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Although I did live in a small town, we rarely locked our doors during the day, and on summer nights, the screened windows were left open. Rarely do people leave their doors unlocked anymore. And although my brother and I werent supposed to do this, we would ride our bikes miles and miles away from our house with nary a problem (on paved, named roads). And we were only allowed to watch tv more than 2 hours a day, the rest of the time, we had to be outside until the street lights came on, that meant we had to come home quick. After we did a lot of chores, we got a quarter a week.
I remember growing up in a small mission town about 50 miles south of San Jose. Calif. My mother would periodically make the long trip with us [two sons] to do a big shopping in San Jose. California had always been a big agricultural producer, but the Santa Clara valley where San Jose is located was early on perhaps the richest land for agriculture in California. The valley was covered with orchards bearing every manner of fruit. By some it was called the prune center of the world. Before I moved away from California in 1985 most of the orchards were long since gone from in and around San Jose and the numerous smaller towns in the valley replaced by housing and every other kind of business. The land was and still is I suppose very rich where almost anything can be grown, but that was not where the big money was. All of the many towns and cities of the valley originally separated by distance and orchards are really one large sprawling city today. My wife born in San Francisco hates to go back even for visits and would never live there again.
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Brother Brad touched on it a bit. I recall the churches being opened 24 hrs. a day. Never locked.
People who felt the need would just walk in and could just sit in one of the pews, or pray, for however long they wanted no matter the time of day or night. Sadly, hooligans started to vandalize or steal from the churches and there after all the churches started to lock their doors. Now all you have are locked doors to greet you along with security systems with alarms. :(

When the House of God starts getting locked down, and alarmed. Surely, the time is closing in on those who haven't made a decision on whom they will serve.

I also remember "Party Lines". Nope it's not people dancing one behind the other to some musical tune....It had to do with the phone system! Pick-up the phone and you'd have other folks talking on it. You had to wait until they were done before you could make a call! :) Then again if you wanted to talk with that special someone you could always use two cans and some string!!!

Thanks for the thread Sister!

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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