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What Day?

What Day was you saved on?

  • Monday

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • Tuesday

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wednesday

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • Thursday

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • Friday

    Votes: 1 3.0%
  • Saturday

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Sunday

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Don't remember

    Votes: 18 54.5%
  • Not saved?In that case, please Email me, Chad, or someone, if you want to be before its too late....

    Votes: 1 3.0%

  • Total voters
We sing a song at my church every once in a while about what day you got saved on. I find it very interesting.... If you want to you can reply with details like, when and how.

I was saved on A Sunday night July 3, 1997. God had been dealing with me for a while, but I wouldn't accept the fact that I was lost. I was attending church every Sunday morning and night, Wednesday and any other time we was having a service. My Father who was a Preacher (not the Pastor) used to say: "if the church doors were open we would be there" and we always was. Just to look at me, you would have thought I was saved--- But I wasn't. I kept thinking, well everyone thinks I am saved, and It would look bad if I went down to the alter and got saved, especially My Father being a preacher.

Then one day after school, I had fallen asleep. I had a dream, I was talking to Jesus and He said "Jennifer, why are you resisting me, you already live for me, why not accept me and stop living a lie?" I remember standing there speechless, how do you answer that??? Especially to someone who knows your every thought anyway.

Then I woke up, I thought about it alot.... I knew what I needed to do, but I couldn't.... A couple nights later, I had another dream, I dreamed I was in front of the church, I had accepted Jesus. I thought, Why God???? Why are you trying to humilate me in front of everyone??? Why can't we just leave this alone, nobody has to know any difference.

Then on Sunday Morning I avoided God, I volunteered to watch the Nursey. That night, I sat in the sanctuary with a friend, trying to avoid him again. But God wouldn't allow me to ignore him, no matter what I tried, he kept my attention.

I think I was at the altar before they started singing the Invitation song, and I had my Friends beside me. I dragged her down there with me. I am so glad that Jesus loved me enough to lay down his life for me, and not to give up on me. He didn't have to keep pursuing me to accept him BUT he did...... WHERE WOULD I BE TODAY IF HE DIDN'T????

I hope you find this encouraging--- We all need to keep Praying for the lost, that the will get saved before it is too late...

I might be wrong but I believe the song goes like this...... I may sing it off key, LOL, j/k....

Glory, Glory, Glory, Somebody touch me,
Glory, Glory, Glory, Somebody touch me,
Glory, Glory, Glory, Somebody touch me,
It must have been the Hand of the Lord.

It was on a ___________, (Insert day)
Somebody touched me,
It was on a ___________, (Insert same day)
Somebody touched me,
It was on a ___________, (Insert same day)
Somebody touched me,
It must have been the Hand of The Lord....

We start with Monday and go through Sunday.... We also sing Glad day, because we have A lot of Senior Citizens who have forgotting what day it was.
Great post, Jenn...I will reply later..I remember the song well...GBU

I like this poll.......

I just got saved last Saturday evening at a local park. A man came up and started witnessing to me. I tried not to pay attention, he left and the message stayed in my head...

I couldn't stop think about it.

I went searching for him at the park and I finally found him.

I accepted Jesus and I haven't been the same!!!!!!

God Bless You!


Vaneza Is a friend of mine.... She came over and told me about it and I showed her Talk Jesus, she wanted to post this reply,

Please keep her in your Prayers..... and maybe I can talk her into signing up on Talk Jesus!

God Bless You All,
Jenn :rose:
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Good Song, what is the tune?....lol

I was lead to Jesus by a Missionary in France, what a glorious change in my life, thank you Lord!

I am Vaneza!!!!! Jenn was showing me talk Jesus earlier so I decided to sign up!

Read above to see about me getting saved!

I am so excited, This is the best feeling I have ever had.

I hope it doesn't ever go away..
cool thread

Hi, cool thread......

I was saved at my public school during a club meeting. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)...

That was almost a year ago!
As many, It was on a Sunday night...the Holy Spirit caused me to realize that the profession I had made at 9 years old was nothing more than a profession. I remember going forward in a church service on an Easter Sunday morning because one of my friends had gone also. I did not pray, but I told everyone I was saved. Throughout my teen years, I had everyone fooled into believing I was saved, including myself. I lived a life of a hypocrite, what I did and said was to make everyone look at me. As the Pharisees in Matthew 23:25-28, the outward appearance left nothing to question about religion, but the inside of my heart was spiritually dead and empty. I had been in church my entire life. I read my Bible, took Bible courses, memorized Scripture, went on visitation, took my Bible to school and helped get a Bible Club set up in my high school, was at all church services and functions, sang solos and in many groups of the church, attended a Christian college, knew all about what to say and how to live as a Christian, but as Solomon would have said, "...all is vanity."(worthless and empty pleasure; worthless display; conceit in one's ability or appearance). As I write this the Scripture, in Isaiah 14:12-15, comes to mind about the fall of Lucifer, I had a lot of pride and it increased with "every good thing I did or every good word spoken to/about me." I never indulged in what many "legalists" would tag as sin, but I had never invited the presence of the Holy Spirit in you my heart and life. I was doing all the performing and tryng to be the best, I could possibly be...this was tiring, but I had to keep up my image/reputation.
My sister had gotten saved in April or May of 1978, and I noticed the difference in her life, thus bringing conviction to my own. On the second Sunday in June of 1978, my family and I attended church where my mom was a former member for their "Homecoming"(annual church reunion and special singing). This was totally out of character for me because I never missed a service at our church, but I knew this church was a more liberal church, so I could "run from the conviction" there. God continued to deal with me.(Praise God for His love and patience!!!). Our pastor had an invitation to preach at a neighboring church on the fourth Sunday night of June, 1978, and the church had decided to combine our services at the neighboring church. The message for that night was entitled, "Have You Got What It Takes To Get You To Heaven?" I can't remember how many points he gave in the sermon, but #4 was, "Do you have the guts to ask God to show you where you stand with HIM?" I did ask God and HE showed me that all my religion/religious acts/good works and trying must be turned to TRUST IN HIM ALONE. I don't even remember if the pastor finished the sermon before I went to the altar and asked CHRIST into my heart. HE saved me and filled me with joy, peace, and assurance...HE replaced the fear and hope of a miserable life of self's trying and performing. Colossians 3:4, "When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory." Colossians 2:10, "And ye are complete in him,..." John 14:6, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Galatians 2:20, "I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."

My prayer is that anyone who may have made a profession, and think they are saved, but still have an emptiness in their heart, to ask God the show them where they stand with HIM...junk the pride and ask HIM into your heart. Eternity will reveal the difference in those who are true believers and those who have "head knowledge", but no true possession of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
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Hey Jenn,
What a wonder messeage you have there my good friend :) Thank you for shaing it from your sweet heart...May the Lord continues to guide, to use you for His good pleasure :)
Love you very much in Jesus Jennifer ! blessings on you always !

How I became a Christian

As folk have been brave enough to share their testimonies of how they accepted Jesus I thought I woulkld do the same.

I went to church for all my life but would not make a commitment as I resented having to go to church and would only make a commitment if I believed in it. Various folk tried to "convert" me but I wouldnt accept it.

Having said that, I did have some christian standards and never went off the rails. I was basically looking to leave church as soon as I could as the people in there were lame and didnt follow through.

In 1989 aged 19 mum and dad were ministering to someone who had been involved in deep wrong areas (dad was a pastor of a church) and the girl and I grew close. Even she tried to convert me but I still stuck to my guns.

In March of that year I was in the car waiting for dad to drive of from church. This girl was possessed (I did not know this at the time). She said You're His (God's) to mum and dad, She's ours (the girl who was possessed) but as for him (me) , he's sitting on the fence. I started to realise then that (like Tia) I was living a lie to myself I guess but stubborn me wouldnt budge.

This got me thinking about things and shortly after a crusade happened in our church. I didnt go for most of the days but used to go to a church friend's place once a week. I couldnt make them hear when mum and dad dropped me off so reluctantly I went to the midweek meeting.

I honestly dont remember the words spoken by the preacher btu after the word and choruses were given he said about a march around the room singing a song which I will never forget the first two lines...

"I believe I believe in the blood of the lamb
I believe I believe in the great I AM"

At that point in time, singing that I DID believe for the first time personally. I didnt make a big fuss of it in the church and didnt announce it publicly but God changed my life from that day.

It wasnt a bolt of lightning or a bright light with God's voice speaking but I had a peace over the following weeks and my fear in my life started to go as I was always afraid of dying (they kept showing 2nd coming videos and talking about end times).

Bottom line for anyone who reads this is if someone appears not to respond to you when you try to convert them, let them think and dont give up. It worked for me.

God bless
Smiley big aka David :D
i got saved when i was like 5 or six years old(went to a christian preschool) and then i dedicated my life and made him not just my savior but also my LORD on a sunday.
I dont remember and i dont care what day it was i am just so glad i am i do know i was 17 and it was 1994 though..
I know it was during the week sometimes when I was at home alone the middle of April, when I was 22 years old. The most glorious day of my life!!!
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i thank GOD that its me who all those encouraging words
testmony . i wish i acan have those in heart to keep encouraging in all times
but i know i visited this website for a reason and i know it this
thanx u
I was saved awhile ago. I was listening to some SALTY tapes. ( for those of you who dont know hat they are. They are little childrens tapes. That talk about how we need to love naohter and stuff. It is very easy to comprehend. I highly recomend them) lol. Anywho. that is how I was saved.