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What connection do you use to connect to the Internet?

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What connection do you use to connect to the Internet?

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What connection do you use to connect to the Internet?
As quick as can be expected with how old my sytem is, and how slow my processor & how little ram I have.
i use Mailaka.net it costs $5.95 a month for unlimited time online what they call an average of 300 hours a month, average 10 hours per day, and i have only exceeded that 300, one time in this past year, it is pretty reliable and the pages load fairly well considering my pc is old.
I use broadband and wireless. Though I'm not sure which category that is in. It is generally an okay speed though my last provider was better but was more expensive.

I'm happy with it :thumbs_up
Wasn't sure how to answer this... I use a DSL link for internet from a laptop that is connected to the router via wireless....
I use dial up through Netscape, $9.95 a month unlimited usage, can't beat that. Especially when you have hardly any money and 4 kids. Amber.

:boy: :girl: :boy: :girl: My Babies/ not their real pictures of course, I guess ya' knew that.....L.O.L.
im using bayantel internet [dsl]...it's not that fast though [100 mbps]... has a bundle landline phone too...

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