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What church do you go to?

I go to K.T (short for Kensington Temple). It's in Notting Hill. It has many services and a youth ministry which I love attending. My sister described it as 'totally awesome'.
What churches do you go to, and how are they?
I go to Grace Christian church. It is a charismatic church that is pentacost based. I really enjoy it because they have a really great program for the youth and there is freedom to let God direct the praise and worship.
I go to Calvary Assembly of God in Winterpark Florida. I'm becoming more active. Last night we went to a care group for married folks. IT was great.

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I go to a Pentecostal church, non-denominational in Dix Hills, NY called The Upper Room. Its a great place, huge but still tight and small enough to enjoy fellowship with others (although I'm rather the quiet kind).

They have it all there as well including k-12 school, Bible study programs, youth groups/camps, etc. Its really neat.

Check out the "images". Pretty neat flash intro.

I go to First Assembly of God in Potosi, Missouri. I love it. My daughter goes to Missionettes every Wednesday night.

These are some of the Churches I have gone to because I'm not sure I will remember all of them:

Assembly of God Churches, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Gospel Light House, St. Patrick's, Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, United Methodist, Episcopal, Christ Church, St. Mary's Church, Church of the Messiah, First Baptist Church, The Faith Bible Church, Benn Hinn's InterDenominational Church, Pine Knolls Missionary Alliance Church, Presbyterian Churches, Catholic Churches, Pentecostal Churches, Hartford Fellowship Church, Salvation Army Church, Seven Day Adventist Church, Temple Beth-El, Bay Road Presbyterian and etc.

I hope one of these days, God willing I will get to go to a Messianic Jewish Church.
I attend a non denominational, spirit filled church similar to independant Assembly of God, or pentecostal/ faith/ charismatic church. The fruit of the Spirit plus the gifts of the Spirit ( !Cor.12 & 14) are manifest in our lives and congregation. I also regularly visit where a friend pastors a Spirit filled, Messianic congregation.
The church I go to

The church I go to is the Love Church :thumbs_up

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I go to a lutheran carismatic church and love it. Many of my leaders have been to Kensington temple to be inspired


It is non-denominational church and it is so spirit filled. I love it so much and the musicains are wonderful also. It is a blessing.
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I go to anon denominational church also... just like MMJ. It is a very nice church.
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Jesushyper I look up the Love church that is a really neat church Im praying for our church the same way we will have revival and we will give up everything that is ours to the Lord thank u for putting that site on here I put it on my favorite janlovesjesus

I belong to a carismatic lutheran church. A church who is open to what God is doing today. I enjoy it.
I grew up going to First Congregational Church of Tallmadge, and am a member there and that is where I tithe to. I am far away from there now on military duty, and I don't have a church here to attend.
I watch Mike Murdock online for church messages, and I agreed to pledge 58 dollars a month for this year for his ministry.
I am looking for a home church.

Very Respectfully,