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What Are You Reading?

I just recently purchased a book by "Wayne Grudem" called, "Systematic Theology". It is a book that teaches all the major "doctrines" in the Bible. 1,290 pages, so it might take me awhile to read. The good part is it is topical so you do not have start from page one. I highly recommend it to anyone who is into serious Bible study.
Thanks for sharing.
I've been reading for some time now one of the "God's generals" series books called "The roaring reformers" by Robert Liardon. I there are four or five books from the same series. I read another one called "God's generals - the revivalists". All of these books speak about biographies of men used greatly by God to accomplish His purposes. It is pretty edifying as you can read about their ups and downs as God was molding them to accomplish and follow His will.
I do enjoy reading biographies of people used by God. Even though we can not identify with everything they were going through, we can still learn something from their faith.
One of the finest books I have read other that the Word of God; 'The Normal Christian Life' by watchman Nee. He opened the scriptures to me, especially Paul's letter to the Romans.
Why do we debate scripture Paul if all we need is God's word, sometimes others can open our eyes to what they have learned and enrich our understanding:innocent:

There are several reasons I believe Trevor, we are all at different stages, we are all learning, no matter how much we know we are all learning, there are different types of milk, there are different types of meat.

Also, once we know the Truth, we naturally want more Truth, but then we get a glimpse of heaven and want more, we are told a lot, we are to imagine a lot from what we are told.

We see how prophesy is fulfilled, we see the changes now, we know time is running out on earth as it is, we get excited, and yes brother we are excited.

We are also told to search the s ruptures, we are just doing what our Father tells us.

Amazing grace is always starring us in the face. God's come comes down from above. A light has dawned in the world brother.

Thanks be to God in Jesus Name Amen
I've been going through the book of Genesis so far, to be able to try to understand more of the Old Testament stories since I've been able to also read the gospels, and now I'm trying to see how the Bible can be connected from the time of the Old Testament to the New Testament.