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What are you playing this week?

I am always looking for new material for our Youth Group P&W and also our monthly Youth Service in the main Church Service. I would love to hear what others are playing at their Church, what songs have really touched the congregation? I was given a Chrysalis Song Book by a friend of mine at Church this weekend. Looks to have alot of great P&W songs. I guess the newest song we are working on right now is "Forever", I have heard Chris Tomlin do this song, and it really had a effect on the Service.

So what new stuff are you playing at your Church?
Forever is a wonderful song. Break a lot of picks when I play that song... Lets see, Be Glorified, God of Wonders, Enough, Here I am to Worship, Amazing Love (You are my King), Heart of Worship, Joy, The Happy Song, Famous One, This is the Day, Our own redition of Jesus Love me, When the Saints go Marching in, man I know there are more... I just can't think of any... There are worship things from I could Sing of Your Love Forever and the Passion tour that are great!
Sounds like your a Chris Tomlin fan also!

We have been having alot of fun with "Every Move I make" and I like "In the Secret", because it can be done fast or slow depending on what the spirit is leading...
Yes, I like Chris Tomlin.

I forgot about In the Secret. We have been playing so many new things that I forget about a lot of the old ones. I also like Matt Redman.
I was hoping we could keep this thread going every week.
For Easter I learned another Third Day song: I can't take the pain
It is the story of Peter, great song, and not very hard to play. You can
find it on the CD called "Time".
I don't know Miriums, is that the name of the song, or the group?

I really like a song "Our Love is Loud" sung by David Crowder of the "Here I am to Worship" CD. I would love to find the cords for it. I think the Youth Group would love it.
This week I'm working on "Love Song", by Third Day for our song service at the end of the month. They have a new CD out this week, can't wait to pick it up!
Our band seems to love to sing "Breathe", "Trading My Sorrows", "Wonderful Cross", "Above All", "Solid Rock", and "Come Now is the Time to Worship". (Don't ask why they're mostly Michael W. Smith songs. . .I think that's just coincidental. . .) We usually stick with modern P&W songs. There's some good ones on the WOW Worship CD's. Take a look at Michael W. Smith's Worship CD's too. God bless!

Some songs that we sing at church are songs like: "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)" Casting Crowns, "Greatly To Be Praised" Fee, "All Because Of Jesus" Fee...etc.
You're beautiful in His eyes, you're beautiful, you're treasured, you're sacred, you're His...from "Beautiful" by Mercyme. This is off their new cd and I just can't get enough of this song!
My youth group has liked songs like the power of the cross, bow the knee, and in christ alone. They are all by Keith Getty
Well the newest songs I have added to my playlist are fairly old songs I think: Tod Agnew - Grace Like Rain and Matt Redman - You Never Let Go