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What Are You Eating During The “Famine”?

What Are You Eating During The “Famine”? – Luke 15:11

Hello my friend! How are you doing, and WHAT ARE YOU EATING?
Today, we have options regarding places to eat: Restaurants, Diners, Café, etc.
With So Many Options, We Need to Choose Carefully.

Usually, a very hungry person will eat whatever he/she is given. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be careful what you “eat” when you are very hungry!
LUKE 15:11-32 records the story of the Prodigal son- a young Jewish boy who left home and went to a far country.
While there he began to experience a Famine. As a result of the famine, he attached himself to a citizen of that country who GAVE him PIG SLOP to EAT. (Jews consider pigs as unclean animals).

The young man accepted the ‘unclean’ food and “he would gladly fill his stomach with the pods that the swine ate…”(Luke 15:16)
The Jewish boy ate “Pig Slop” because HE ATTACHED HIMSELF to The Wrong Person during a time of famine/lack.
You must Be very ALERT when you’re experiencing a Famine: EMOTIONAL, RELATIONAL, PHYSICAL, or SPIRITUAL famine.
Whoever You Attach Yourself to During Challenging/Difficult Seasons Can 'Feed' You- be mindful of what you “eat”.

Be Mindful of The Times and Seasons You Are In-
• Watch your “Diet”
• Watch who you allow to “Feed” you.

REMEMBER, the Famine is Temporary, but the ‘FOOD consequences’ ARE LONG LASTING!
• Remain Prayerful
• Stay Positive
• Be Hopeful

Keep trusting in the GOD of all Times and Seasons!


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