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What are you all up to?

Staff Member
So how is everyone's summer so far? What's the special events happening in your life right now?

I've been really busy with work at home and also just keeping up in shape at the gym with my friend Ben. Trying to stay active as much.

Any youth rallies or festivals in NY anyone? :)
Well as for me, the only activities i am into are groups online, unless you count my close family get togethers, we recently had one for my mother's, & sister's & my birthdays, which are in June, July & August, and each year we get together and have lunch, well this year we had the whole family together, and it was fun.
Staff Member
That's great OneHeart. Sadly, I have been missing bible classes this summer but I promise myself to get back in shape starting September. I love class and its just pure Holy Spirit driven all the time.

I have been busy with my online ventures trying to build up the businesses including Talk Jesus forums of course.
What am I up to?

About 5'3

yeah I know I am short.

I am doing my Stephen Ministry and waiting for school to start in the fall. Have not been back in years so it is a little weird
Staff Member
That's great to hear kirk. Study hard and it will pay off ;)