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What are you all reading now?

Staff Member
So what is everyone reading in the Bible now? Let's make this as detailed as possible :)

1. What version are you reading?
2. Are you reading and studying or just reading?
3. What book are you reading in the Bible currently?

Does anyone attend bible studies at their local church? I haven't been active this summer but I will get my act together starting September once again. I love it and it is such a great feeling coming out after 2 hours.

God Bless!
1. ESV

2. A little of both

3. Nehemiah

I have atteneded many bible studies at my church, the last on was on evangelism.

I have even led a bible study which opens things even more, and is encouraging.

I will probably be in our lifelight class during the week, because on Sundays I am a Sunday School teacher though I may only be an assistant this year.

Peace be with you,
1. Most of the time I read NIV - but enjoy other versions as well. I appreciate being able to compare translations, so I have a parallel Bible with 4 translations side-by-side that I pick up for difficult passages.

2. I read/listen to "cover territory" and get the grand, sweeping concepts of God's Word. I like to use a headset and tapes to listen to the scripture while I fall asleep. I put the "auto-reverse" on so that I can hear the tape over and over. You can cover an entire gospel or several epistles every night that way! (Just don't eat sausage pizza and then pop Revelation into your headset before you fall asleep - that will induce some very exciting dreams). I also seek God for direction on a specific topic or passage to S-T-U-D-Y. I pull passages apart and chew on them - spend time meditating and listening to the Holy Spirit. I believe you need both study and reading/listening to get as much as you can out of the Bible.

3. For the past week, I have been reading the Gospel of Luke. I have also been studying the topic of; dealing with chronic pain while you wait for God to heal you.

My husband and I had been in the habit of attending Bible study at church every week. But, we are in the midst of transition from one church to another right now. We haven't "settled in" to a new church home - we have been visiting around, seeing where God leads.

God's Word is so very precious!!!!
Staff Member
God Bless you all for joining Talk Jesus :) Good to see you here and active.

What parallel bible are you referring to nanaroo?
I was given "THE COMPARATIVE STUDY BIBLE" published by Zondervan as a gift - it is an invaluable study tool! It contains NIV, New American Standard, Amplified, and KJV.

MATT. 6:34

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. KJV

So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble. AMPLIFIED

Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. NAS

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. NIV

Staff Member
I will look into this. This sounds like an interesting method of reading the Bible :)
Update on mine :D

I am now reading Job,

Plus Our Church is starting a new lifelight study on Proverbs I am excited about this, plus I will be leading one of the classes.

Peace be with you,
Staff Member
That is awesome that you are leading the class! Keep us updated on that. Job is a powerful book. Its a perfect example of GOD testing one's faith, and Job certainly was probably one to be tested the most LOL :)

Proverbs is one of my fav's in the Bible due to its pure wisdom.
Has anyone read The Message translation of the bible, or some of it. I would like to know peoples opinions on it. I bought it yesterday.

GBU all
Howdy :D

Hi ya'll :D how is it going with every one ??

well for me it has been pretty good, even with a couple of problems because YHVH Elohiym The Most High - has been helping me during the troubles, and delivering me out of them all :D He is so faithfull and True to His Word in keeping His promises ! ! HalleluYah :D Amen :D

ok first you asked "what is everyone reading in the Bible now ?" well as for me i basically skip around in my reading :D

"1.what version are you reading ?"

lol well i read from several different ones, but i guess that the main one is my K.J.V. with Thompson Chain Reference it has been my main Study Bible for many years.. but i also use the Young's Literal translation and The New Jerusalem Bible ,not counting many other version which i use online, of them the one i like the best is The Restored Names Bible of the K.J.V. @ http://www.yahushua.net/scriptures/

"2. are you reading and studying or just reading ? "

most of the time i do both, because i get to reading and then come across something that i want to look up and get more detail about, so i get to doing more study than actually just reading after that,,

"3. what book are you reading in the Bible currently ?"

well like i said i tend to jump around a lot, but i have started at Genesis again,

and then your last ? "does anyone attend bible studies at their local church ? "

well for me i guess that you could say that my church is online,, and i am regularly doing bible studies online,, i do lots of searching for answers and do lots of research/studies/reading stuff onliine,,

lol sometimes i think i spend way too much time online,, but i don't get bored very much being online compared to how bored i get offline just sitting around here all day every day,, i would go stir-crazy if i had to quit being online,, lol, but with all other obstacles i would find a way to deal with it and go on,, lol,,

HalleluYah !
Hi I am new and would like to tt other christians currently I am reading the psalms from the womans study bible niv version I also cross referance w/my new max lucado study bible .... i want to write childrens christian books please pray for me in that endevour thanks
sunrise said:
Has anyone read The Message translation of the bible, or some of it. I would like to know peoples opinions on it. I bought it yesterday.

GBU all

The message is not a translation but a loose paraphrased version written by Eugene Peterson. (In fact it's more like his own personal interpretation.) It could be useful in addition to reading from a more literal translation, but you must keep in mind it really is just someone's "take" on the scriptures and not the scriptures themselves. I personally have a problem with the message because a lot of people I know are replacing regular Bible reading with reading this book.

Most, more accurate translations, are written by teams of highly qualified specialists in Hebrew and Koine Greek, not just one person, and they take great pains to be faithful to ancient manuscripts.

I've been reading the NIV for a couple of years as it is the preferred version for the Bible College course I'm doing, but I personally prefer the the New American Standard Version. The New King James is an excellent translation too.

Some good paraphrases are the Good News Bible or the Living Bible, but these do not claim to be literal translations.

I'm reading Genesis at the moment, I've just finished Isaiah, but the New Testament Letters are my favorite books especially the letters to the Corinthian churches

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Staff Member
Hi evangeline long time no see!

Glad to see you around again. God bless
I read the King James Verion of the Bible.

I am reading the Bible with my husband before we go to bed...we are at 1 Samuel 6 and Titus. (we read on chapter of OT and one of NT.
In my own devotions I am using the Our Daily Bread booklet....I like using them....I just read the verses for today...and then the little part that comes with them.

No, we don't go to the "Bible Study" at church...it ends up being Wednesday nights...and is more like a mini Sunday morning service...or just about the same lol.
to add...

I now lead a women's Bible study in the virtual world called Second Life. It is every Tuesday. I now go to our church's Wednesday night service. It is the Chuck Missler study on the book of Revelation. It is really an awesome study!

Hi Giggles4God.
I have a question for you was wondering what is a Bible study in the virtual world called Second Life? It sounds weird to me, please explain so I can understand it. I am all for Bible studies we have a group meets every other Friday night. We break bread (eat supper) then study the Bible. We have different people from different chrurches come it is very good.

As far as the message Bible goes, I do not consider it a Bible at all. It really changes the meaning of God's word. I did a study on it and I do not recommed it all. But that is my own view.

God bless all,

Bible Study

Second Life is a virtual world...kinda like a game of sorts. You go to the URL and download Second Life onto your computer. There are many secular things about Second Life. When my husband and I first went there, we could find no active church! NONE! So, we started on. Now, we have a church that meets every Sunday at 2pm EST where my husband streams his prerecorded sermons. I have the women's Tuesday afternoon Bible study at 4:30pm EST. It is hard to explain what Second Life(SL) is unless you have been there or know something about computer graphic type games...like RPGs (Role Playing Games). To me, Second Life isn't just a game where we have fun since the people who 'play' it are REAL people. They aren't robots.

Chad, could I start a thread about Second Life and try to explain about our ministry there? and if I can, where would it go? Thanks! :)

Im reading the KJV. Im trying to find verses that my friend told me about today. He said that in the Bible it says that when we go to heaven we will have no knowledge of the past. Can anyone help me find the verse that says that? And also that kind of confuses me. If we will not have any knowledge of the past as my friend said. Then will we know our families and know of our life on the earth when we are in heaven?

Yes, I attend my Baptist Church's Bible studies on wednesday. It is a blessing to learn about the bible. :)
HI everyone,
I'm currently going through Proverbs.

I usually read my NIV bible but from time to time I also read a parallel bible with NIV english and King James in spanish. This parallel bible really helps me understand certain difficult passages.
I'm currently just reading trying to get through the bible completely. I have already read the NT and OT through Proverbs 28.

Our Men's group meets on Friday morning and if I may ask you to please help me pray that I may stay consistent with this group. It's been hard attending through the holidays. Thank you and God bless you.