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What are the Differences: Apostles-Disciples-Prophets-Bishops

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I came across this site during my study this morning. I am currently trying to understand the differences between Apostles, disciples and Prophets.
I have always understood that Apostles were the original "teachers" appointed by Christ. Disciples were the "followers" of Christ. As far as Prophets, they told of future events, warnings, etc...
Now I am questioning All: Apostles =If Apostles were selected by Christ himself, How is it that people now call themselves Apostles. The same question regarding Prophets and Bishops. I know scripture says we have differing gifts... teachers, etc... and do believe God still actively speaks to us through prophecy, just want to know Who is Who. Thank you so much! GOD BLESS ALL!
I believe the apostles ended in the fist century. No apostles are mentioned after Barnabas.

Disciples are just followers of Jesus. That should be every Christian. There are of course those who call themselves Christians
and only follow themselves.

Prophets of the old testament were men designated by God to speak for Him... primarily to Israel, but in some cases the Gentiles
also (Jonah comes to mind). There are people who have the "gift of prophecy" now. But that is sort of different than being an old testament prophet.

The word "bishop" is more frequently translated as deacon or shepherd in newer Bibles. I believe this would mostly be church elders.
My understanding is a apostle has had to have seen Christ and be appointed by Christ

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