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What about very young children?

The question about 'imagination' really made me think.

In our church, everything that is in the bible is deemed suitable for teaching children (totally agree), and even to represent some portions in a drama or play. This is the bit where i have a problem as the more senses we use, the more impact the result, which is ok until you come to the challenging parts of the truth like the rape of a sister by her brother or the crucifixion for example.

Very young children cannot deal with the depth of emotion or factual content that a dramatization conveys. Like for instance at Easter when the drama group acted out the crucifixion complete with nail sounds, lighting screams and emotive music! I had a huge problem with it because the little ones were present and told our leadership so. They said the drama was fine in front of the little ones because it was scripture and all scripture is good to teach in full. It's the truth with a capital T!

I respect them completely and did not mention it again.

There are many truths that i would not want young children to know too early. Using media to bring home the message in scripture is creative and powerful. It can leave a very large impression in adult minds which is extremely helpful. Surely we should only briefly touch on certain issues in scripture with children, without going into too much detail to protect young minds from subject matter which is too heavy for them to comprehend.

Would be interested to know any thoughts on this
God loves the little children and wants them to know His word. When we teach children we usually do our best to present the subject matter in terms that they can comprehend at their age level. I believe it would be cruel to have a group of preschoolers watch the movie "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson. While the movie truthfully depicts the crucifixion of Jesus, the minds of preschoolers are far too underdeveloped to maturely process:
(1) the violence of the beatings and crucifixion,
(2) the imagery of Christ battered beyond recognition
(3) the subtle and overt demonic representations.
It is absolutey prudent to teach children using materials appropriate to their stage of development.

More questions about the truth:
You respect your leadership and you care for the children. Was adequate consideration given to your concerns? If you were to present your concerns in writing to the pastor, would the pastor provide a reply as an attempt to adequately address your concerns?
God loves little children

Remember the children's song "Jesus Loves the Little Children"? I think that's a very accurate song. Jesus loves all children. I believe He wants everyone, no matter how old, to know the truth. This is the truth. Children have every right to know what really happened at the crucifixion. It shouldn't be sugar-coated to protect their little eyes and ears. A church wouldn't have a production of a play that they thought was inappropriate for children.
Staff Member
Off the top of my head I think its good to teach the young children

Book of Genesis
Gospel of John (to learn about the ultimate sacrifice, love of GOD)
Proverbs, in a way that they can understand for their level of comprehension
I agree about children knowing the truth! My concern is what about them not really understanding and only seeing the horror of it. Children get scared rather easy when teaching we have to be aware of the understanding level of the child. One time I was watching on tv a show about Jesus and my middle one asked alot of questions that I happily answered. But then He wanted to know if people where going to do that to him. Children trust us to protect them and that includes keeping them from images that untill they are ready could harm them . Joyfully ~ Jlu
Many Thanks


Thank you so much for your responses. A mixed bag, pretty much like mine and my church's views.

Kingpriest, your idea to set out in writing my concerns is a good one. Simple as it is, i had not thought of that. Thank you, i will do that and ask them to really think and pray about what i have raised. They are a good solid leadership and i trust them to do just that if i ask.