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what about this!

Given the fuss about relationships and soulmate, are the people of God forgetting that there is a promise for everyone to have a mate?

Isaiah 34:16 says look in the scroll of the lord ,none of this will be missing, none of them will lack her mate, for its his mouth that has given the order and his spirit will gather them together,
Hey sisters , isnt this a great promise?.The lord will gather 'us' together,
This is a carefully packeged promise,never mind one will come which is uniquely for you.
Isaiah 60:22 "... in its time i will do it swiftly.."

The lord commands in jer 29:6..marry ,have sons and daughters, give your daughters in marriage...
Let no one says its bad to search, God Commands, '' find wives for your sons and give your daughters...
FIND is the catch phrase,go right a head and find.
Hi Smilly,
I agree that man (or woman) was not made to live alone without a mate.
Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

I also note that woman was the last of HIS creations, tho taken from man she was the ultimate creation.

Our desire for a mate should be recognized as the physical expression of or spirit longing for relationship with our creator. So therein is a dual concept.
Marriage is a God-thing.

We must remember that the spiritual reality is greater than the physical, which is mearly a reflection.

In that context is the implication that our relationship with the Creator should be in place in order to expect the proper relationship to follow in the flesh.

I suspect that is a key to "finding" a mate and to the witness of a good marriage with all the spiritual fulfillment that follows in the flesh.

Too often we focus on our desire for a mate in a "selfish" sense rather than making ourselves prepared for the ultimate in soul connections. Such preparation will always be rewarded by the Father of all creation.

In our obedience we pave the way for that "good thing" of not living alone.

One other thought Smilly, re read the context of your 2 Isaiah quotes...
They do not seem to directly apply as you have so boldly assumed a God promise to us all. Please be more careful.

Blessings, Ari
My understanding of isaiah 60 is derived from the time of jesus death.Much as this was a text with particular reference to the restoration of Zion and the future glory, i dont find it at antegonism with the fact that nolonger are gentiles different from Gods people so they can claim any promises given in the bible.Or is your comment to suggest that there are some scriptures in the bible which as non jews we should not depend on in claiming our promises in God.I find that a bit untanable.
I will be blessed to have you explain why you think its is a particular scripture which is not for everyone.
Secondly, if critically read , the post was intended to make encourage everyone who feels its time for and in the will of God to GET a mate to do so as there is no contradiction with it and the word of God in Genesis, mark 10:7 and Eph 5:31
be blessed
Hi again Smilly,

Again I say:
I agree that man (or woman) was not made to live alone without a mate.
Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

We agree in tone and effect. I am only concerned with taking a verse out of context and applying it where it may not have discrete revelance. Particularly Isaiah 34 quote... read that one back.

Isaiah 60 is re Remnant "bride" of Christ and as such is NOT re personal interpretation re "worldly soulmate".

I am still confidently in harmony with your ENCOURAGEMENT based on Gen 2:18. WE AGREE but for different scripture... less NOW impetus ... not to hurry, etc.

If we are about HIS word, HIS business, work on our own selves... His Perfect will will out.
If we focus on a personal goal until it is an IDOL, then we are in harm's way from both HIM and our enemy. Deception is almost guaranteed.

SELF defeats HIS will in our lives... Ezek 8 is great chapter on that.

Only by SEEKING the doing HIS will obediently are we in constant bubble of protection.

Blessings, Ari
Hi Ari,
Granted,but i'm at loss.Never occured to me that God's ways is some sort of handpicked approach.It works for you other ways,may not work for me yourway,though its absolute that God's will is Ultimate.
We Agree that both the bibilical context and the posts were mutually pulled out, if that is the interpretation.
What i intended to convey as seen in the form and structures with ellipses was intended to leave irrelevancies out and captalise on those statements that counted.
Perhaps count it not a word for you,sounds a bit indifferent though inescapable.
Brokenness and selfdenial are the conerstone of dependence of God's will,right.I thought i said if anyone finds themselves in the will of God ,let them GET derived from the word FIND as used in Jer29:6.
Hope this leaves you unhassled.
On the whole I'm learning or better still perfecting s'things .