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What’s your top 5?

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Its been months since I left the place where i met my First love- Jesus. I can still remember i was lost and sin was just at my feet when he whispered to my ear to run, run from where i am. That clear voice makes me awaken.

Today as i am writing this, i miss that place, there were lots of memories, lots of happy moments with HIM. I miss knowing a lot of people who experienced the same, the same kind of love that He gives.

I am watching a video with a lady who earnestly feel the same kind of love and she says one of her routine at night is chatting down her top five ( 5 ) things that she is thankful with the whole day :smile:
To be honest, i was not feeling okay but i realized shes right why do i have to focus on the rocks if i can choose to be thankful for having them :smile:

So i am trying right now to refocus and shift my mind on the things above knowing that all things work together for good... :smile:
My top 5 will be between me and my FATHER( i guess its because i wanted my relationship with Him to be more private :smile: )

But one of the top list is He makes me realized all the more that its in His presence that i can ONLY find my true JOY and purpose in life :smile:

How about yours, what is your top 5 things today that you are thankful with?

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