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What’s the Result of Faith?

Staff Member
Let your unfailing love surround us, LORD, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:22

You can feel burdens of stress, of strained relationships, and of crammed schedules each day. You speak of feeling “weighted down” at times as challenges pile up, and as you’re weighted down by fear, worries, and obligations, you may lose sight of God’s provision for you.

While experiencing stress, fear, and aimlessness, you’ll always grasp for answers, solutions, and anything that you can control. If you feel like you can’t remove those burdens on your own, that’s because you truly are hopeless on your own. Turning to God throughout the day gives you your only lasting relief from these burdens.

As you learn to trust in the Lord alone, you’ll begin to see His loving kindness for you with greater clarity. But being weighed down with your worries and cares may make it almost impossible to find God’s concern for you. Your worries will become larger and larger the more you focus on them.

However, when you begin to place your trust in God you’ll see His patience and love for you with greater clarity, freeing you to see His love that has remained unchanged regardless of your circumstances.

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