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What’s Really Possible?

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Behold, I [am] the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27

You’ve met the person who considers it a mark of their intelligence to try to outsmart the Bible. They’re the ones who know you’re a Christian and makes it a priority to let you know that there is no way Jonah could’ve survived three days in a whale’s belly, or that there must have been some mass hallucination when Joshua and his army fought under a sun that stood still in the sky.

They conveniently ignore the real miracles—that a resistant prophet’s message caused the biggest, most wicked city of his day to repent, from the king down to the kids. Or that God actually let a man call the shots for day and obliged him with a meteorological wonder. Really, though, if you can believe the first line of the Bible—that God created the heavens and the earth—the rest is easy.

And a God who can speak everything you can see and know into existence—and a whole bunch of things you can’t –is a God who can take care of your needs. Take your cares to Him, even the one about them at the office who think they know better than their Creator. Maybe they’re closer to faith then you could ever imagine; after all, God’s done bigger miracles than that.
I have now way of knowing how but I believe in the Bible and all of God's miracles. I have the hope that I will understand when, spiritually, I stand before God someday and perfected in his presence....like the Bible says " I will look at him face to face and know him as well as he knows me!

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