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Weekly Word( Blessed are the meek )(Video included)


WORD OF THE DAY (— Matthew 5:5 )
"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. "

MEDITATE ON THIS ( Meekness: Strength over Self )


This week we continue our series on the part of the Sermon on the Mount called the be-attitudes.
In the be-attitudes, Jesus draws a stark contrast between what the people believed holy living and
genuine happiness to be, with what it really was. Last week we looked at the comfort that comes from
acknowledging our sins; this week, we look at the 3rd be-attitude, which relates to the inheritance of
the meek.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word meek? Perhaps someone who is
a pushover, or someone who is a doormat. Meekness is not valued in the secular culture. In researching
Meekness in the biblical context, this definition seems appropriate. Meekness is the strength of character,
which leads to submission to God's will, evidenced by humility and gentleness in our interactions with others.
I repeat, Meekness is the strength of character, which leads to submission to God's will, evidenced by humility
and gentleness in our interactions with others.

Meekness is not something that we do, meaning it is not something we initiate; rather, it is the effect. The be-attitudes
build on each other, and you must go through the first to get to the next; like rungs on a ladder, they are sequential.
Therefore before getting to Meekness, one first must be poor in spirit and next have godly sorrow for their sins. Only
then can Meekness be the fruit of character which is produced.

In the secular culture, you will read many books on how to be assertive and how to get what you want, but few books
will make the bestseller list on how to be meek. Since the world puts its trust in self, they have to struggle to get
and work to hold unto what they want. This mindset leads people to assert their will on others because there is a fear
that they might lose out on something if they don't force their will. But as Christians, our trust is not in self but in God.
Additionally, we are also aware of our sinful nature, reminding us to be restrained in exerting our will over others.
Therefore Meekness is far from weakness, but the evidence of strength over self. Anyone can attempt to show
power over others, but real strength, as shown in Meekness, comes when one can assert strength over their own will. When
you understand that your inheritance is secure in Christ, you don't have to fight for what is already yours.
Because blessed are the meek because we shall inherit the earth.[/QUOTE]

Your brother in Christ,

Thought for the week:
Next week we examine the 4th be-attitude: Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.

Prayer for the week:
Dear God, thank you for showing me the strength of Meekness. Help me not to be ashamed of submitting to your will and loving others
in humility. Allow me to know that what you have for me is for me. My inheritance in Christ is secure, and nothing can separate
me from what you have promised. Allow meekness to flow naturally out of me as I focus on your will, not mine or the will
of others. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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