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We have to know the Truth

Well friends it is on my heart to share with you my thoughts. I think sometimes we get so comfortable in our beliefs that we do not study the word as we should. I will say I am guilty of that. My church has been challenged by our Pastor to study God's Word. I am taking him up on it.

Today in Chat was a man that came in to "educate" us Christians about our faith as we have only been "programmed" according to him about the Bible and God. Personally, I didn't like that attitude but it did challenge me to know what my Bible says and to use it like a sword.

So I have begun to study God's word on the Muslim faith, I do not want to be caught unaware but to give an account accurately on the Truth of God's word.
i agree with you. do everything for the God from our hearts. Reading Bible doesn't mean as christian we have to, but we really want to. even if i were physical blind, i want sb. can read it for me.
Dear mymakersdaughter,

We are to study the Word constantly. Its reading, listening, and communing with God. This is so awesome because the study really prepares us in everything single situation in our lives. After all, when we submit to Him isn't He constantly with us?

I still chuckle at how Live Chat can arouse the fleshly attitudes during fellowship. Teachers who are disciplined in the Word know this. We should always pray before we enter here or there and this will humble our hearts and become more spiritually Christ centered.

Thank you for sharing, Michele. I have read the Quran for clarity of the Muslim faith (they actually study an additional book or 2 that goes with the first, I don't recall the titles), I don't agree with its teachings but do know we need to be prepared to witness to them too.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
read on sister!


we are all guilty of not reading the word as often as we should, we get caught up in everyday life. I think if we are sure of what we believe than it doesn't matter what the other belief is, we will be able to ans. any ques. they may have, but i have found that some come to just argue. Where i get a little concerned, is that some on this site are just teenagers and may be decieved by what they might hear from a non-christian. I know we need to be a watchman over God's young one's.

your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl: