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We can turn right and left cheek

It will not stop humanity's popping of us. Only in thanks to God/Jesus can we know peace in the midst of the poppings.
Most the time the only thing 'we' have control over is how 'we' react to a given situation. And sometimes the best thing is to turn and walk away. If that's what's meant by the question.

Maybe having a sense of humor is a situation. Someone or a few people might be trying to 'get your goat' just to see how you'll react. Some people like to try to make 'us' feel / look dumb in a discussion / conversation. Lots of times the 'right' response will pop into our heads when it's needed. That is the Holy Spirit coming to our aide. And we'll Also know when it's time to just 'walk away'.
I am grateful my Lord and my God Jesus did not turn and walk away from humanity and I am grateful, give thanks, for the contentment His peace provides. Humans walk away from humans because they don't care for them as much as Jesus, choosing to worship themselves to the exclusion of others.
What I meant by 'just walk away from' Is instead of 'staying around' and potentially starting an argument or a fight in the process Of staying.

And, yes, Jesus Christ endured a great deal of physical grief, pain and Death for all of us. He provided us with salvation.

But 'we' are not in that position.

I really don't think 'we' worship ourselves at all. We Do tend to put too much emphasis on material things though. We 'worship' the beautiful house we live in or the nice car or the boat. Nothing Wrong with those things at all. But the amount of time or energy we have to put in to their upkeep can be time consuming and costly. And some people put those things in place of going to church to worship God. Not giving God the credit for making it possible To have the finances to be able To have the house, car or boat.

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