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We all have up's , and down's !

You know , as we go through our walk with the Lord , many time's we go through up's , and down's . This is a very normal part of the renewing of our mind to the word of God . By nature , our flesh is loaded with all kinds of desires , and wants , that war against the Holy Spirit . Many of us get weary , and stray away from the Lord . Jesus knew this would happen , and told a story about the 1 sheep that was lost , or went astray . Jesus said that the good shepherd will leave the 99 , and go find the 1 that was lost .

If you have been in a struggle , and found yourself far away from Jesus Christ . Do not be ashamed ! As the story tells us , Jesus has been looking for you , and is right there behind you the whole time ! Why ! Because Jesus Christ loves you , and he knew we would get lost at times . But he is not lost , and he has been with you all the way . Please , if you have felt far from God , and need us to pray with or for you . Please respond here . We are a family of believers , who are here to build each other up when we are down , or lost . Let TalkJesus be a help to you . We have allot of good honest Christians , who have been lost at times , and struggled as well . You have nothing to be ashamed of ! To all who are weary , come to Jesus . Because his yoke is easy . And his burdens are light ! Let Jesus restore you right now !
God Bless you ! Love Brother Mike :love: :boy_hug:
Praise his Holy Name ! Gods mercy's are new every morning , and his love for us has no end ! Mike :love: :boy_hug:
Lord, Why Must I Suffer

Lord, Why Must I Suffer

I prayed to the Lord for my troubles to cease,
But instead of departing, they seemed to increase.
Each day found new problems I'd not faced before,
And so my depression just grew more and more.
I begged and I pleaded, "Lord, please let me die!
If You can't ease my pain, at least tell me why.
"The Lord said, "My dear child, I love you so much!
And I could have erased all those tears with one touch.
But I wanted to teach you to cling to My hand,
And trust Me for things you cannot understand.
I wanted to show you that when things go wrong,
My strength in your weakness will make you grow strong.
You've suffered because you were chosen to be
A light for the lost, and a witness for Me.
As you travel the pathway I've laid out for you,
You will meet many hearts that are suffering too.
And because you have been there, and know what they feel,
You can show them My love, and can help them to heal."
'Twas then that I wept, as I fell on my knees,
And I gave thanks to God for not granting my pleas.
For had I not suffered, and felt such despair,
How could I have known the extent of His care?
Oh, Lord, make me worthy to share Your great love,
And help hurting souls reach Your Heaven above.

Betty Jo Mings
Yeah Betty,I fully comprehend your situation,some years back oversea's I was struck with an attack,and most of the medical guys would tell me "you are sick abraham".It was so excruciating and furstrating I prayed to die,only to wake up and find my self on the bed,and the Lord will not take away the sickness,with the attack he will come to me and teach me the bible and that persisted for about a year,but the attack was still there with a strong presence of the lord,but as I apply faith to the Lord's teaching it began to subside.The Lord values our positive influence on others and he puts all He's got in us to grow is body the church.2Corinth1:4.
Thanks for your testimony . God loves us all soo much . I wish all people could come to understanding that . :love: Mike
True words spoken - it is kind of funny when sometimes I read a thread and it is not applicable at that moment - but then the day when I really need it it just pops up again for me to read and to encourage me.

I think everyone has been riding the rollercoaster of life and sometimes its just not easy, but through faith and God's amasing loving grace, somehow I keep on pulling through.

Something the pastor said at the church I visited last week Sunday - He said that we are human and we will have our emotions - one day good, one day bad and so forth. But when we are experiencing a bad day is to cling onto our faith and reflect on the good things that God has done for us in our lives and that will not only help you to keep strong but also not to loose faith in God. satan loves us to be weak and down so that he can grab us and put doubts in our mind.

I have tried what the pastor mentioned, when I am emotionally down to reflect on the good God has been doing in my life and yes it helps to lessen the bad feelings and yes it just strenghtens my faith in God as I know that He will carry me through this. It gives me the strenght to carry on and not long after that it puts the smile back on my face and I also realise that the problem no matter the size of it - God is there and He will fight the battle for me when I cant.
Dear sister . You are not alone . Hit the web-link www.brothersinarmst4g.com and listen to [ how not to be discouraged ] . I pray you will be blessed . Please exscuse the sound . It's a raw cut recording , but I wanted to share it anyway . Peace be with you . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
I feel terible, i feel empty, my heart is sorrowful within me, it's left in peices, torn, and thrown to the grown, I'm far from Jesus, I thought I was alone, but without Him, I'm alone, I miss Him.
live said:
I feel terible, i feel empty, my heart is sorrowful within me, it's left in peices, torn, and thrown to the grown, I'm far from Jesus, I thought I was alone, but without Him, I'm alone, I miss Him.

I pray that your heart be restored and filled with the Love of Jesus Christ once again . :love: Mike
live said:
I feel terible, i feel empty, my heart is sorrowful within me, it's left in peices, torn, and thrown to the grown, I'm far from Jesus, I thought I was alone, but without Him, I'm alone, I miss Him.

Please don't give up on Him because He'll never give up on you. Afterall, the only thing He gave up was His life...for you. I know personally that there are times when we feel that God has abandoned us and left us for dead, but it's not true. Satan is a great illussionist and he will show you how God has abandoned you, but don't allow him to persuade you of it.

I battled Satan for many years only to have victory in The Lord. Jesus won victory in my life and I know He will win in yours. Stay strong and be the warrior that God wants you to be. God is only preparing you for greatness my friend. Stay strong and stay with God and your victory will be ever sweeter!

I will pray for you.
Great thread, it does encourage me to think that Jesus would leave the 99 to search for and find me. I am no lamb, far from it, and till that time I am prepared to become one again he cannot take me back into the fold. I pray that I will be ready soon.
I pray that you will indeed be ready before it's too late. God is calling you back into His arms at this very moment. Calling out to you by name. All you have to do is listen and go toward His voice. I'll pray heavily for you, that you may hear Him calling you and respond by following His voice.