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Watched Thread(s)

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Curtis, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. I find it rather amusing that every time I post a "thread" that there appears a little "icon" which means "watched"
    Now, that could be a good thing, or it could be bad a thing for me. I have two interpretations as to why.

    (1) Either who ever causes this icon to appear on my threads, likes what I say, and don't want to miss it, or..

    (2) They really don't like what I say, and are keeping a close eye on me so the whole forum does not go down the tubes.

    I cant decide which one to choose to believe! Help! :)
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  2. Look, I just posted this thread less than a minute ago, and it is already "Watched"
  3. Hey, does it really matter if you are watched? Let your light shine, and those seeing it will either be amazed or blinded. :whistle
  4. You are right brother, it does not matter at all. It is just something I noticed a long time ago. I am intrigued, and interested to see since this is a Christian forum if any of the "moderators" will tell the truth and say why, or not respond at all, which would be playing it safe. :)
  5. OK, I think I figured it out. When a person starts a new thread an "icon" (called watched) is created identifying you started that thread. If I respond to someone else's thread, this "icon" is also created to identify I have posted in that thread. I think!
  6. I believe that a person who is interested in the particular topic can click on the "watch thread" at the upper right side of the thread itself. Then each time he visits the forum he can begin by clicking the "Watched Threads" in the black backgrounded heading and it will bring together all of the threads he so selected. It saves searching time for a topic of interest.
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  7. Greetings @Curtis

    You get this watched notice as the forum automatically defaults you to watch your own post and receive notifications for it, unless you choose to unwatch it by modifying your options.
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  8. @Curtis, what sister Fragrant said is correct. You're basically subscribed to receive notifications of any responses to the threads you've started or participated in.
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  9. I feel so silly after posting this thread. When I grew up there were no computers, or cell phones, so when computer first came out to the general public I jump right on in learning all I could, because they seemed really cool. I learned how program in basic, then assembly language, C++, Pascal, and many other programming langues, and even wrote my own software programs. Now that I am older I feel almost lost because I could no keep up with the advancement of this technology. Now I have to ask my son how to do certain things. I should have known what the "watched" icon was for, but no, I feel like I am becoming one of those old fuddy duddy people who need help for just the basic things, that every body already knows. Thank God even though my outward man is perishing, my inward man is being renewed day by day. :)
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  10. Not to worry Curtis, the old fuddy duddy, grey headed, slow walking, wrinkled face, dried out old corn cob club, has it's advantages. No one expects us to know very much because we've forgotten most of what we've learned. :laughing:
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  11. Amen, my fellow "oldster"!

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