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Watch Out Africa!

I posted a prayer request about a month ago for a friend that is a missionary in Africa who was returning home.

Well, she is actually my cousin and one of the most special people ever to me. Shortly after coming home she announced that she will be moving to Swaziland, Africa permanantly in September.

In the interim, she took another job at a children's ranch for foster children. We haven't spent a whole lot of time w/ her, but she is raising money to go back.

I am so proud of her and excited, but other members of our family find this bittersweet. Her mom and dad have a hard time thinking of this as a permanant move. They see only a country riddled with aids, where men treat women poorly and even Alcieda bombs. They are strong Christians, it is just hard to let your baby go to a country driven by corruption.

Please pray for our families strength, wisdom and pray for my cousin. I love her so much and know God will use her in incredible ways.
Thank you!!
Staff Member
Sounds like GOD is going to use her as a mighty weapon for His glory and the sake of lost souls in Africa. I say GO for GOD :)
Lucky, lol not lucky, blessed is your cousin. I really want to go to Africa. I love africa. i dont even know why. I just feel called there. But God bless you and her, greetings to her :)
Many times, missionaries are so misunderstood in their walk/work/mission for the LORD. Their own families, even Christian families, do not understand how/why they leave this land of plenty to serve people in what they refer to as God-forsaken areas of the world...they never seem to realize that the people, in those areas, have just as much right to learn about God, and come to know HIM as we do. If someone don't go or if we do not support those who will go, how will the gospel reach them? God knows those special people whom will go, willingly, even at the expense of being misunderstood, ridiculed, or cast out of/by their own families here. HE will lead, guide, and direct their steps, supply their needs, and love and comfort them when needed. HE will be to them their father and mother; HE will be the friend who will stick closer to them than a brother. HE will be their GOD and make the people in the areas they serve...their people. May God bless our missionaries...all over the world!!!!!
You and your cousin will be in our prayers . Praise God for all he is doing ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike