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was this a sign ?

hi all

this is my second post .
thank you all for those who replied to my first post.
Today as i was going to sell an old manuscript containing religious writing in it . As i was next to the place i heard a voice calling me or saying somehting like (this is) im not quiet sure.so i turned around and asked the guy behind me if he called me and he said no i was only singing .
moments later as i was walking behing him he pointed at the wall and there was a paper and a cross on it
so something hit me and i said to myself how is it possible that i first hear "this is" and then he points out to the wall randomly and there is a cross ? so what this means is maybe that this book contains something religious and i should sell it !! is this possible or am i just overthinking ?
these things keep hapening to me it is not the first time
If it is a sign and it is for you, then it is for your understanding. You know your own life as does no one else but God. Reach out to Him for answers to your questions. He does have the answers needed.

Read the 3rd chapter of I Samuel about the first time God spoke to the young boy, Samuel. Then consider your own case. Talk to God as if He is going to answer and He will, but don't necessarily expect an audible voice. Open your heart to Him. Don't share any response here on this forum unless you really feel led to do so.