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Was Jesus Christ Single?!?

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I'm pretty sure this could be a touchy subject...

I'm not going to say what i think... i just wanna know what everyone else's thoughts are!
I see no evidence in the NTthat Jesus was married. But there were women mentioned as his followers.

I would like to hear your opinion and how you see the NT supporting it.
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Jesus was most definitely single. This is clearly obvious. Plus, you know the Father's will and His purpose of coming here as human was to be our Savior, paying the price on the Cross. Amen :)
i agree totally guys.... i don't think there is any evidence in the bible anywhere, to even suggest that jesus had a wife.
i also beleive that unless jesus was single, his wife would have had to have been sinless, and we all know this could never be....
i saw this on another, non-christian forum, and just wanted to know what you all thought!
thanks anyway