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Warren Barfield, Tobymac & Third Day

Awesome!!! My wife & I just returned from this concert in the Houston area, & I must share this experience with you all. If you have an oppertunity to see this concert, do it. Explaining this experience is like trying to explain getting slain by Holy Spirit, it is difficult because it is feelings. Warren Barfield opened the show, he came out with only a guitar, an awesome voice & a burning for our Lord. You could really feel his love. Tobymac was extremely energetic. Whereas Warren Barfield's love was displayed through his voice, Tobymac's passion was emitted from lyrics & the high energy of their performance. Which was so inspiring, it changed my entire outlook on the hip-hop scene. Third Day's annointing could be felt throughout the entire audiance. They drove home some powerful messages about the resposibilities of the body of Christ, as they cranked up the volume into the night air. This was the best concert, church service, praise & worship, fellowship, (all rolled up into one), that I ever been to. Thanks to Third Day for bringing these other blessing along with them to Texas. It was a powerful night!!!
May God's peace rain down upon these bands, their families & all who listen to their messages.

Romans 15:7
I encourage anyone who doesn't have Third Day in their collection of cd's to get some. If you like music that encourages you in the Lord, this band will help lead you to throne where you can find grace and mercy to help you! :)
Hey, we have a poster for that concert in our youth room with the tour dates on it. I don't think it's coming to us in Springfield, but I want to go to it. I've seen Tait in concert already and if I saw Toby Mac, that would just leave me with Kevin Max.

On Third Day; I love Third Day! We borrowed our pastor's truck when we moved (he loves Third Day more than anyone) and he had Offerings II in the cd player and we were listening to it when while we drove. I was so tempted to make my parents buy those cds after that. Their music is awesome and their love for God is encouraging. Their Offerings cds really get you to the heart of worship.