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War of the Worlds

I don't know if anyone as seen this movie yet, but one thought that kept crossing my mind throughout the entire time is was watching it was:
thank you Lord that this could never happen (an alien invasion)

well other wise i thought the movie was pruddy good, but it was in french for me and i don't understand french super well; so don't let your kids watch it without viewing it first and making sure that it's not too bad!

love in Christ!
This movie had me on the edge of my seat!
Maybe not aliens but what about the end of the world or something?

I thought this was a good movie overall!
LOL... in French... is that just how the movie is made?? LOL but yeah ok then it is a good thing that Aliens have nto coem your right... Thanks God...

Love Simon!!!
Wild and exciting film. It bought to mind what it might be like at the end of the world when governments and militaries are colliding for control.
I was disappointed in this movie. How can Hollywood can make bad films such as this? Because they focus too much on their special effects (which were great) and hiring big-name-actors instead of working on the story!! A classic gone to waste. The ending of the movie was dreadful... how Tom Cruise is A-ok and his family lives. Give us some drama Steven, please. The old records had made a much better story if anyone is interested in hearing them.

Praise Jesus, so that I may continue to be.