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Wanted to say Hi - I am new too

Hello all:

Wanted to say hello as I too am new here. Been here not quite a month and just have not got around to introducing myself yet. I have already met many wonderful people here in the chat. I consider it a blessing to have found this site to chat and share Gods wondrous Love with all!!...What a Blessing indeed.

Lets see, about me: I belong to my Heavenly Father (He bought me with the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ). I am not perfect, and I don't want to be. I say that because if we are too perfect then we would feel that we don't need Him anymore, and I for one want to always need Him. (as I do need Him).

I write Christian poetry and have a link to my website in my profile. Please feel free to visit as I like to share my poetry. (no annoying pop-up adds, etc) in my website.

I work a full time job and I am presently attending college at night full time towards my Bachelors Degree in Professional Administration..(so my prayer time has increased)..LOL, as I try to make it through.

I look forward to meeting and chatting with new friends here as we all together meet God in this place..
Welcome Writers Heart. Glad you came across us. Please feel free to join us in Chat or where ever we might be. Some are new christian's here, some are "experienced" Christian's here and some are young in age, quite the gamite we have.
God bless you.
Staff Member
Just to let you know, Heavensound is a young adorable 12yr old girl :) She is teh daughter of Mike (Brothersinarmst4g) and his wife (Alabasterbox).

Welcome to the site Writersheart, God bless you. Thanks for joining our family.
Thank you for posting on my thread (New Avenue). I love to write also. I've been writing for a long time, ever since I can remember. I write songs, poems, and after my earthy daddy passed away in 2004 I wrote a Children's fiction Bible story. Most of the time I'm the only one to read them, but I know that the LORD gave them all, so it's in his hands, whatever may happen. Maybe we could talk more about it all when you can find the time. Don't get to stessed out with all you have to. Later, jmh137
hi ellen, we met in chat yesterday. . . very warm welcome from my side also. . . got to experience great prayer time with you already. . .welcome on board :love: peeps/dot
Come back to me. I so stupid. Don't know how to "chat" yet. I never was too bright!!! I think I need to fellowship with you. So when the time is right please get in contact with me. I'll be waiting, jmh137.
glad you joined this site....
hope to meet you in chat someday...
god bless