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Walls Tumbling down

Walls Tumbling Down

No one wants to be alone,
No matter what they say,
Yet they build their walls of silence,
Where they lock their pain away.

All the while, God is there,
Knocking upon the door...
Saying, Let me in, my wounded child,
and your heart will cry no more.

Bad things happen in our lives,
But God is not to blame...
His will is not to harm us
Or to bring us hurt and shame.

We live in a world that's fallen,
Where Gods laws are not obeyed,
There are times when we will suffer,
But His love will never fade.

Its part of the world we live in
upon this earthly plain ...
the trials will be plenty,
But the sun will shine again.

Its not our place to question,
And no reason will be found...
Just trust God in the process-
let the walls come tumbling down.

~Author Unknown

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