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Walking on water?

Discussion in 'Jokes & Bible Trivia' started by B-A-C, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. (Depending on what your background is, the denominations of the preachers can be changed when telling this).

    A Pentecostal preacher, a Baptist preacher and an Evangelical preacher were all three in a boat.
    The boat didn't have a motor on it, so they used oars to paddle out to the middle of a large lake.
    Just as they reached the middle they could see a rainstorm off in the distance approaching rapidly.
    They knew they couldn't paddle back to the shore quickly enough to keep from getting wet.

    So the Pentecostal preacher bowed his head and started to pray. After that he jumped out
    of the boat and started walking across the water to the shore.

    The Evangelical preacher watched him make it to the shore, so he bowed his head
    and also started to pray. After that he jumped out of the boat and walked across the water to the shore.

    The Baptist preacher thought to himself... if they can do it. I can can do it. The rain was getting closer.
    So he bowed his head to pray, then he jumped out of the boat.....

    ** SPLASH ** --

    He came up out of the water just in time to overhear the Pentecostal preacher ask the Evangelical
    preacher if they should tell the Baptist preacher where the tree stumps were.
  2. A man had passed away and Peter stood by the gate,PETER!!! WOW!! Peter said i am here to give you a tour of heaven before you meet Jesus himself!! Fine the man said! So Peter started his tour,here is said is the road of the Lutherns, hearing loud singing to a Mighty fortress is our God! As Peter was about finished with his tour,he told the man to be very quiet along this road of heaven,so they all moved quiet through the area,and the man asked Peter why did we have to be so quiet along this road of heaven?? Peter said "OH, those are the Baptist, and they do not know anyone else is up here!! "LOL
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