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wake up call

We call ourselves Christians but are we really?
Here in America we do everything freely.
We can wear what we want. We could do as we please.
But with all that, who’re we trying to appease?
We say we are living for Jesus, but is that really true?
Some actually do, but that’s only a few.
“We go to church and we do pray.”
But do you read the word everyday?
We say we love God but our behavior doesn’t show it.
If people can’t see it, they will never know it.
To this world we’re supposed to be a light.
But ours is dim like a lone star in the night.
The shining light, where has it gone?
We are in danger. What have we done?
We’re supposed to be shining. We’re supposed to help out.
People can’t trust us. Even we have a doubt.
“Does God really exist? How do we know?
How is it possible? Is it really so?”
Come on people, where has your faith gone?
Why can’t you trust Jesus Christ, God’s Son?
Oh, we have a lot to improve on, we do.
When was the last time the Holy Ghost has filled you?
We haven’t experienced His presence in a long while.
We are still spiritually nothing but a small child.
We’ve had many years to grow spiritually stronger,
But for some reason it’s taking us so much longer.
We’re here to help others, but we aren’t able.
We aren’t yet spiritually stable.
Oh, we got a lot to improve on, oh yea, there is lots.
We can’t slow down. We have to keep our spots.
Others will come and take over they will,
The empty spots, it’s them they will fill.
We’ve got to get stronger. We’ve got to be stable.
To beat demons with Jesus we’re able.
Let’s be strong in our faith. Let’s not fall down.
Let’s keep Jesus smiling. Let’s not make him frown.
Life will be hard but Jesus is always around.
When things get tough, he won’t let us down.
His blood is our shield, our daily protection.
He is the winner in any election.
Remember people, there’s a reason to why we are here.
To help people out that are lost out there.
Let’s keep it real. Let’s stay awake.
Let people know that we really aren’t fake.
Now that you heard me, it’s your choice to make.
Will you keep it real or will you stay a fake?
Make your choices so you won’t regret it.
Jesus is there, don’t you ever forget it.

-Tanya Maksimov- 10/26/05
Hey you guys, thanks for posting. I wasn't trying to judge or anything. I take that for myself too..when I was writing I didn't put you, i put we...including me. I know I also have things to work on.. But God bless you guys:)
That was awesome. I totally agree, too bad that it doesn't change. It's like my pastor said "You only have one life to live for the Lord"