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okay so this is my situation...I recently left home in florida and went to live with my grandparents whom i havent spent time with since i was 7, because thats where God told me to go. He told me that he has things for me to do here and things to learn here.
I got here and realized that there is a church less than a five minute walk from my house. So i prayed about it and i went to that church the next sunday. I knew, right then that thats where God wants me to be, over the next few weeks God began to tell me some of the things he wants to do here(mostly with the youth, that is VERY small because the majority of the congregation is retired folks) but then he told me that i have to wait.
Once sunday, i was permitted to teach the youth service on sunday night, i shared my testimoney and how God has a fire and purpose for everyones life and that if we will entrust our lives to him in every aspect then he will do something with our lives that we never dreamed. I was so excited about it because i saw a spark in their eyes, i saw intruge and i saw they're hearts being touched by the things that god did in my life.
God put something very strongly on my heart and so once again i went to the leadership and asked if it would be okay if i teach a lesson.
I wasnt really given an answer but i was told that they werent sure because some of the girls that heard my testimony went home that night and they were crying about it, and their mother came to the youth leader and said somethings about it. So for some reason i have managed to step on some toes, with what i have to say and what God has put in me.
I nolonger ask to teach, and im finding it hard to talk to the other youth because i feel like they dont accept me, its like a giant clique that i cant seem to break. The first sunday i came the message was about the prayer of jabez and about how they are to be open to God"widening their territories", and allowing the things of god to come in.
Im just so frustrated because these people arent ready for what i have to say, and i dont understand why God would call me there when i am not permitted or welcome to exersice what God has put in me. I wanna go tell them all look when your ready to wake up and go for God whole heartlely call me but dont laugh about me behind my back because im diffrent.Ya know it doesnt even bother me that they think im alil crazy, what bothers me is the ignorance and the lack of passion and deisre to grow that seems to be so prevelant. I want to go somewhere else where i can actually minister to someone but this is where god told me to go! I just dont know what to do. I've been here for almost four months and have yet to see any fruits of the seeds that i've been sowing. Its so hard to not give up but i refuse to compromise and become like everyone else. I want them to wake up and see not go to sleep like them. Forgive me please lord if im judging them but i was called to do something here! I dont know what to do......i dont know where to go from here.
I have to drag myself to church anymore, it not that im not getting fed the pastor brings a wonderful message every sunday but it just grieves me to see the body of christ so unthirsty, and everyone walks around and smiles and la-de-da yet i wonder if when they leave what they will do? What is the cry of theyre heart? And how can they settle for the life that they have within this small town when theyre so miserable with it. GOD HAS MORE!!
i'll stop but.....i just need godly counsil.
god bless ya'll.

When we go into a new church the first thing we must do is simply love people. Accept people. We really do not know other people's hearts. We do not understand their trials, their burdens. We only know our own beliefs and feelings. It is very easy to look out and judge and say that other people need what I have. It is also easy to project upon others what we think they are thinking. It may not be true at all!

What would happen if you just forgot all about needing to change them and simply started accepting and liking and respecting them for who they are? You have gone into their church.

The Holy Spirit will have much better opportunity to use what you have if your heart is full of love and respect and honor for God's people. You cannot judge their state. You really cannot look into the heart. But you can make yourself available by being a part of them. And then God will one day open a door without you having to ask. If God wants you to speak, He will open the door. It is simply your part to be available.

In his peace,

You have a much higher call than you think you have you've been called to Pastor you will have your own ministry but God sent you to this church to humble you until its time for you to do what God wants you to do. Its great to have these gifts and this great calling that's on your life but you have been sent to this church to learn servanthood. You have to crawl before you walk. If you show this Pastor that you are willing to serve in the church even if it means cleaning the toilets he will then see your humility and God will show him your heart your passion and your intentions and then and only then will you be elevated to the next level. So trust me it's not the people that are out of order it's you. If you humble yourself and repent go to the Pastor of this church and apologize for bringing confusion into the church then God will turn things around and they will begin to work in your favor. God will show your Pastor the vision He has given you but it will only come through humility and servanthood. What God has given you is not for this church but what God has given this church is for you.
Be Blessed,