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Wait on God ( Psalms 27:14 )

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WORD OF THE DAY (— Psalms 27:14 )

"Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. "

God's timing is always best)

The Christian life is a life of submission to the will and ways of God. As a result, it is understandable

that patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit which God gives the believer. At times, a believer may agree with God's

will, however the same believer may not submit to God's ways. We can think of the will of God as the end goal

and the ways as the method. For example, it may be God's will for you have something that you desire, yet his

ways may require that you wait for the appropriate time. Though waiting is likely named among some of

the least favorite activities for the believer, learning this spiritual discipline is important in fully experiencing

God's perfect will.

Wait with courage! First, we are told that when we are waiting we should wait with courage.

Our verse of the week states, "wait on the Lord and be of good courage...". God does not want us

to wait in hopelessness, or with complaining, or with anger. Waiting with courage not only empowers us

while we wait, but also serves as a witness to all others who are watching our lives. A pastor once said,

"your life may be the only Bible that the unsaved person reads today"; therefore allow your waiting to be

a witness and living testimony to God's faithfulness. You can wait with courage because God's faithfulness

encourages you to likewise be faithful.

Wait for the best! Secondly, we should wait because God's ways(methods), though we seldom

like or agree with them in the moment, are always far better than our ways and methods ever will be. In

Isaiah 55:9 God declares to His children, "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways

higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts".
It can be expected that we may not understand

the much higher ways of God; however, a lack of understanding concerning what God is doing is never an

excuse to step outside of the will of God. Esau, for example, was unable to wait and sold his birthright for

a bowl of soup. Let us learn for His mistake. No matter how good the metaphorical bowl of soup that you

are desiring to taste (career, money, relationships), it will never be worth trading your spiritual birthright

(peace, protection, salvation) for. You can wait for the best because when we do it, we will always make a mess.

Wait on His Promises! While we are waiting we should hold fast to the promises of God to guide our focus

and feed our faith. We can wait on His promise in Isaiah 40:31 which promises that those that wait upon the Lord

will renew their strength. We can wait on His promise in Psalms 106:8 which reminds us that our God is mighty to save.

When the government promises to send us a stimulus check we believe. When your job promises to pay you for your

work, you believe. When your friend promises to meet you somewhere for an appointment you likely believe. However

when the eternal God, almighty creator of heaven and earth, makes a promise, we often doubt God, why?

Beloved, you can lay God's promises before you as we wait eagerly because Titus 1:2 reminds us that God cannot lie.

Wait with courage because it will bless and witness to others. Wait for the best because our ways will

make a mess. And wait with His promises in mind because God can be trusted. Wait!

Thought for the Week


Wait courageously
Anticipate the best
Identify promises
Trust He cannot lie

Prayer for the week:
Dear God, thank you for the spiritual discipline of waiting. We don't like to wait.
However help us to be filled with your attribute of patience so that in our waiting,
we will be blessed during and after. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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