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Vows, Vengence, and sharing the loot! NUMBERS 30:1 to 32:42


NUMBERS 30 1 to 32 verse 42.........JEREMIAH 1 to 2......................PHIL 3 verses 12 to 16

these chapters are about VOWS, VENGANCE, and sharing the LOOT. We read that when one makes a vow, a promise to Adonai, then one should keep it, the LORD takes serious our promises, I believe that is the reason why scripture advises us NOT to make vows, many vows are made rashly, and on the spur of the moment. Many say LORD, IF YOU GET ME OUT OF THIS MESS, I WILL SERVE YOU yet when the problem is solved, the person forgets all about the promise, Here we see though that when a woman makes a vow, it is only valid if the father or husband approves it, , unfortunately, in the days of old, women, it seemed, did not have all the rights that men had.

VENGANCE, was taken against the land of Midian, and we learn that Balaam recieved his just reward, a sword in the belly, we learn that this evil prophet told king Balak that since he couldn t curse Israel, that they could bring a curse upon their own selves, by following the priestesses of Baal and participating in their whoredoms, we learn that Israel departed from the ways of Adonai but punishment and death followed, now it is payback time.God does not play around, God takes seriously his worship, webelong to him and to HIM only. there are no other gods.

SHARING THE LOOT after the war against Midian, come the rewards, all the gold, silver, and the good stuff , including the widows and orphans, went home with the Israelites, cattle included
HOWEVER, a portion was given to the Levites, reminding us that all that we receive, does not belong to us, there is a certain portion that belongs to YHVH, yet ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM ABOVE, sometimes, we even get what belonged to the heathen, but in all things, we must remember that ADONAI is the source of all



We are reminded that YHVH knows us, even before our birth, He has ordained us ALL in different callings, ministries, as Jeremiah was called, in due time, so we must be ready to answer OUR calling, in the perfect timing of YHVH


PHILLIPIANS 3 12 to 16

Rav Shaul writes about RUNNING THE RACE, and REACHING THE GOAL, even though he was not PERFECT in all things, and neither are we, WE MUST CONTINUE TO RUN THE RACE, working in our ministry, jobs, and whatever the LORD has called us to do, there is no such thing as RETIREMENT from ministry, we minister until YHVH calls us home, let Paul be our example, let Yeshua be our example.

rabbi Ben Avraham

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