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Vision of the Stones and Spears



I was standing in a very deep valley surrounded by towering rocky crags on all sides. I could hear moaning and wailing similar to babies crying. This noise was coming from the stones deep in the valley. Gazing upwards to the top of the mountains, I saw people with spears in their hands. They were staring into the valley and they were shouting "I am my own god". The stones in the valley and the people on the mountains were competing to drown out the sound of the other side. The noise was ear-shattering.
The Lord suddenly lifted me out of the valley and placed me on an even higher mountain. From this vantage I was able to see the entire scene unfolding. As I peered into the valley, it appeared to be a never-ending bottomless pit. Out of the stones people were rising up and shouting "praise the Lord Almighty, He is our Savior". I could hear the ones with the spears shouting "I am my own god, I make my own way".

The people from the stones in the valley approached those on the mountain tops. As the stone- people drew closer I could see that they were holding Bibles. This prompted the spear-people to raise their spears in battle readiness. As the stone-people neared the spear-people they raised their Bibles and began to quote scripture. There were some from the valley that did not raise their Bibles or quote scripture. They were attacked and overcome by the spear-people. The stone-people with Bibles raised high and speaking Gods word pressed on. As they did so the spear-people began to fall. It was awesome.

After receiving this vision the Lord spoke:

"You all are playing games with MY word. The only truth there is. Judgment is coming for those who play games with MY word. Do you hear what I say? Write these words on your heart. Romans 9:28 "For the Lord will carry out His sentence on earth with speed and finality."

There is a literal battle raging even now. Though many do not believe this. It will be apparent even in this nation soon. The Lord showed me that if we do not have His word in our hearts, we can not fight the enemy. He is the Truth and the Way.
His remnant are the ones raising the Bible and proclaiming His word. They are obedient in all things and never stop speaking His word. Those disobedient ones who hold their Bibles at their side not speaking scripture will soon fall by the wayside. I weep for those fallen and deceived ones

one of His warriors
Amen sister. This is indeed what God has been showing me over these past few years too. John 8 v 31 "Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed." God speaks clearly here - if we don't abide in his word we are not His disciples. The key lies in abiding in God's Word. There are many, many believers out there who don't abide in God's Word and unless they start to they will be lost.