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Vision Of The Church

We need to study the history of Christianity and find the truth about where the "church" and "ministry" and "authority" have been re-defined for us. T

There is a glorious church described in the Bible. There is a system of operation and function in the pages of scriptures, which moves in the miraculous and at the same time makes absolute perfect common sense!

This very informative website is intended to encourage every believer to study the history of the church. How have Medieval history--the feudal system--the fall of Rome--the protestant reformation-- affected your church?"

I have`nt read thru all of the pages, but from what I have read, I recommend this link for some attention grabbing, maybe even some life changing reading! :)

Visioins of the church..
you mean opionoins..? or views?

I might add-that many of the views, opinions, visions have been looked apon deeply.
It says after 9/11 that the churches around that area, and others around the states were greatly increaced.

Views,such as back in the day-were looked at as the most powerfull in command. With money, to education, etc.

Also, now-a days..There have been many churchs that are new. Such as the luthern churches, Penacostal Churches, Chatholic, United free church, all those and much more.
Alot not just surounding Jesus as the center, but many other people.

Through it all, many have come to beleive in Christ no matter what the cost. I do think that people of today have greater faith then back when Jesus still walked the earth-what i mean by that is, people accept christ without seeing any of the micals that were shown back then, But even today God has shown his power. Also, with other such churches around now, its amazing that they have chosen to Follow Christ.


Thanks for the...ahem--thread--thing.

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