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Vision of a spiritual leader passing

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by KingJ, Sep 26, 2017.

Random Thread
  1. Hi all

    I just want to share an amazing vision / dream I had of the passing of a great man of God. This guy was a pastor his whole life. He lead my parents to the Lord. He was always ministering and visiting those in need. Every time we would visit him he was eager for prayer and fellowship. He gave me many words of wisdom and encouragement throughout my life. He will be sorely missed.

    The night of his passing I was unfortunately not with him. That night I dreamt of him arriving in heaven, meeting Jesus, Peter and his loved ones at the pearly gates. There were many more trying to see him and push in front to greet him. Jesus allowed him a while to meet and greet all. To ask all the questions he wanted, though there were not many as he just seemed to 'know' a lot. It was basically just greeting and saying ''nice to meet you''. Plenty hugs and kisses.

    Jesus then took him for a tour of heaven and specifically where he was going to be staying. I recall asking Jesus in the dream why he was showing him 'this place' in detail, to which Jesus responded: ''just as on earth, when you are eager to show someone all the rooms of the new house you bought, likewise He was eager to show the house He had built specially for him''.

    Then my dreamed ended. I guess I was just to have comfort that He was in a better place so I could share it with his family. I felt like I was ''booted out of the dream''. I wanted to stay and see more, but guess Jesus was like ''wait your turn'' :smile:.
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  2. Thank-you for sharing!
    Alleluia for such a comforting dream.
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