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Violence against women

Hello brothers and sisters,

I was reading the news today and I came across a very disturbing article that portrayed a very sad violent act against a Pakistani Christian woman. This really broke my heart and caused me to feel her pain and the pain of those who love her. I started praying to the Lord for protection for all women from all the terrible acts that happen daily in our world.

I believe the Lord spoke to me. What I got for my prayer time was that I could be the light that I wanted others to show. For example making sure I don't entertain or participate in jokes that degrade women, or entertain similar music, or be a spectator/silent bystander to acts, or other such behaviors that undermine the value of any of God's precious daughters. It is the little things most of all that matter. How we treat women and how we talk about them.

It is easy to look at the men doing evil against woman and wish they would stop, but every man of God has power. For example, for one man It may be is easy to point the finger and be mad at human traffickers who kidnap underage girls into a life of prostitution while overlooking the inappropriate websites he may view online that funds and creates the demand for that very industry. It may be easy for another man to be furious at a football player who beats his wife while not being mindful of the violent tv shows, movies, video games, etc that programs the mind to feel that is even acceptable.

We can be the light in our sphere of influence. Those we influence to be more respectful towards women in general can influence others who can influence others. This chain carries on as we walk as a torch light, catching others on fire, and they do the same and the light grow and grows.

Let's make a commitment brothers to live a life that shows we value women. You may not be the one physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing a female, but you can live life that can prevent someone else from doing so or stop those who are.

Never underestimate the power of a Godly example.

Stay blessed.

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