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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bratface75, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if there would ever be an option to post video's in the threads as appropriate?

    I know VB has an upgrade code that allows a way to put a video in a post as I have seen it with youtube and vb forums.
    There are some beneficial video's on Godtube that could help too. (And Godtube is safely moderated as youtube is not)

    Example: If someone wants to listen and watch a music video that someone suggested in the music forums, they can upload a video IN the thread.
    Of course this probably would make more work for the moderator's, but it could be a blessing too?

    I apologize if this suggestion or idea was once proposed, and is a repeat, but wouldn't hurt to ask?

    Thanks :) :)
  2. There is a streaming multimedia thread specifically for video/audio. Its under the Entertainment forum category and also linked under Entertainment menu up top.
  3. Oh... lol .. I am new, and this site is so huge, didn't even get that far!!! Sorry :weirdo: <---me haha

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