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Video games, need help understanding how to trust God.

Hey guys, so Ive been a gamer for about 5 years now. Im 16 and struggling with one of the hardest decision's of my life. Throughout my life i have been a very qerky guy. I will do some action (such as walking up the stairs) and my mind starts telling me, "If you dont bow down on your knees and pray fervantly to God something bad is going to happen." And that scares the crud outta me. Dont get me wrong I love Jesus and want to live in eternity with him forever. But this has gone on for the last year and a half. And every time it happen during simple everyday tasks, my mind freaks out and I force my self to do this extra step, because if i dont Im either going to suffer greatly or have some bad consequence.

This happens all the time, I will be going somewhere and my mind says If you dont give up whatever your doing for a whole (insert any time period no kidding) that means your trusting in that object more than Christ. And alot of the time I will give it up, but sometimes its stupid things for stupid amounts of time that make no sense. And the thought of eternity without Christ (much less suffering for the rest of my life becuase of this simple mistake) scares me so bad. I will sometime cry in bed wondering why this happens to me,

So getting to the point, this morning out of nowhere I think "I have to never play video games again, or that means that im not a Christian and that im going to hell, and that im putting video games in front of God. And this scared me soooo bad. Because -
1. I enjoy playing video games
2. It would be so hard not to do that for a lifetime.
3. Its hard to grow up in a world where my friends play them, and i enjoy being with my friends.

On the other hand,
- I have no problem giving up video games for reading the Bible, or anything else.
-If anybody needs help or God needs my attension Ill stop playing and joyfully go help,
-I view video games as something I love to do, but in no means do i want it to contradicting my faith.
-I want to keep playing video games, but I want to trust Christ.
-and FINAL, the biggest thing stopping me, is the following sentence.
------I have built up this image in my mind that the voice in my head is God speaking to me. And that if i refuse the voice in my head, I will go to hell and suffer.
but although i have made myself think the thoughts in my head are God, I know that the holy spirit is in me. And I dont want to refuse Christ, if thats him.
I want to play video games, and im willing to give them up in order to put God 1st. But I dont want to ban them from my life for eternity just because I woke up this morning and though "Never play them again, they are in front of God. Go be a missionary in africa"

I NEED HELP PLZ, moderator plzlet this through i need help soooo bad, not going to be able to sleep at all tonight in fear Gods gonna let me die and send me to hell. HELP ME FORUMS PLZ.
I would question any spontaneous voice that required me to do something or else. The walk of the Christian is a long consistent haul. It is not jerky activity filled with threats.

I don't know much about video games. But I am sure there are some that are not any good. If you're a Christian, you should know the ones that are innocent and the ones that have a bad influence.

If you are consumed by them, must have them, then you probably need to back off from them. It is not a question of Heaven or Hell. It is a question of something having control over you and not you over it. Limit your time to them, if you can. If you can't, then it has you, and you probably do need to abandon them altogether.

There are evil spirits that try and make us afraid of God, try and make us think He is mean, just another lying spirit, trying to get you to believe a lie. Get to know God so well, that you know deep down that its a lie.

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