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Hi everyone, I noted I had 5 PM in my inbox, but I do not know how to respond to them of which I would like. :embarassed
Can someone help me? Like I had Br.Bear and he and others Welcomed me, and I clicked reply but there was no site for me to reply. Oh, by the way, I am new lol, seriously I do need help, not only with the site, but i just lost my husband Dec.13,07 and I am having a most difficult time, I miss him so bad, will I ever get past this point.
I know God said ," He would never put more on us than we can bear," but it sure is hard.
He had a massive heart attack sitting on the sofa at home, :shock: and he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Please pray for me, and tell me how to reply to a post, God Bless, Romans 8:28, Rebeck
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Hi sister. What do you mean there was "no site" for you to reply? You click on reply, and you type in your message then you click the "submit reply" button. That's it.

See attached example of me viewing / reply to Br.Bear's pm asking me to help you :smile:

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