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very funny, weird animation

:shade: I ran across this very funny, somewhat weird animation on a Christian site that posts free videos: [edite by Chad: read the rules. They apply to you also]

It kinda reminded me of a short, funny, animated Christian version of The Matrix...

Wadya think?

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Staff Member
That link was unacceptable. You also broke the rules.

You break the rues again you will be deprived of your privelage to be here.

Please read the rules.

Sorry Chad, :embarasse

I finally was able to find the rules and I realize that I broke them. I did not intend to -- it was a combination of my laziness and a wrong assumption (the great majority of forums do not have your specific rules concerning posting). It is my desire to abide by the rules. Be blessed.
Staff Member
Thank you for reading the rules and being humble about it. God bless you also
Hi Chad,

Question: you said. "That link was unacceptable. You also broke the rules." I understand that I broke the rules. What do you mean when you say that the link was unacceptable? Was that just another way of saying that I broke the rules, or were you saying something else? (ie - inappropriate, non-Christian, etc.)