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VERY bad: Look where ISIS death squad terrorists just showed up

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Written by Allen West on December 12, 2015

    Well, we just learned ISIS has the capability to print fake Syrian passports. Ain’t that a daisy! So what I’m about to share with you needs no further explanation.

    You can come to whatever conclusion you like, but unless you’re “stuck on stupid,” there’s only one deduction. I wonder if someone were to ask White House spokesperson Josh “Not so” Earnest about this, how he’ll spin it.

    As reported by News Observer Online, “Two members of an ISIS death squad which murdered at least 1,700 people have been arrested posing as refugees in Finland—and that country’s security services have identified at least another 300 “refugees” with confirmed terrorist links.

    The two ISIS death squad members—identified only as 23-year-old twin brothers from Iraq—were arrested after being identified as having been part of the murderous gang which massacred thousands of Iraqi air force recruits by shooting them in the back of the head.

    The massacre was filmed by ISIS and put onto the Internet, but the participants were not hooded, allowing for later identification of the gunmen. The two ISIS murderers entered Finland in September, claiming to be refugees, and were housed at an invader center in the southwestern town of Forssa.

    It was there that they were arrested on Tuesday, December 8, after they were positively identified from the ISIS video. They appeared in court on Friday, December 11, in the Pirkanmaa District Court in Tampere, and were ordered held for four months for further investigation.

    Local Finnish media first reported the two gunmen’s arrest on Thursday morning, and the police confirmed the reports later that day. The arrests are not the first such case in Finland: in autumn, another Iraqi “asylum seeker” was also arrested after being identified as an ISIS militant from pictures on the Internet. Finland’s Interior Minister Petteri Orpo earlier announced that his country’s Security Police had identified another 300 “refugees” known to have connections to “terrorist elements abroad.”

    Ok, let me tell you what the liberal progressive leftists will say: “these twin brothers are the victims of racial profiling.” Furthermore, their civil rights are being violated by being held for four months without any formal charges.

    Remember what I have consistently stated, “no single military-aged males, ages 16-40, should be allowed entry?” Now, would any of you out there disagree? And based on what we’ve seen in Paris and here in San Bernardino, there should be no allowed entry of single military-aged females, 21-40 either. And if you’ve not been paying attention, our neighbors to the north — who elected the leftist Trudeau — have allowed entry of Syrian refugees. How many fit the description I just described?

    Folks, we haven’t a doggone clue who these folks are. This is the Islamic principle of Al Hijra, and we sharedthe video of what’s REALLY happening in Europe that no one wants to tell you. But what the heck, here it is again.

    And consider the news we shared here that a DHS whistleblower has come forth asserting that the Obama administration forced him to shut down an investigation into a Deobandi sect militant Islamic group associated with Syed Farook. Why? Because as he stated, it was racial profiling.

    And how stupid was Time Magazine — they named Germany’s Angela Merkel as “Person of the Year.” Yep, Merkel will end up being the person who ushered in the end of Germany. And I say hat tip to the leadership in Finland who realize the safety and security of its people far outweighs being on the cover of a stupid liberal progressive magazine.

    Sadly, our leadership wants to be on the same magazine cover and have a really nice exhibit in the presidential library.

    Ok, have you come to your own conclusion about this story yet?
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  2. The president of the U.S. is encouraging violence around the world through his policies. The real question is whether he is simply misguided, or guided by an evil spirit.
    1. ISIS feeds off the story of Islam against the West. Every hostile and defensive reaction from western nations helps to feed their propaganda. They are skilled in trading in hatred, fear and death, but have no answer for compassion, gentleness and generosity. Why conduct a conversation on their terms?
    2. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing for their lives. The vast, vast majority want only safety and the chance to live in freedom.
    3. Stopping entry to Muslims is just impractical. How can it be enforced? It is a clumsy reactionary and self defeating response to a complex problem
    4. People who have committed terrorist atrocities have very often been legitimate citizens in the places where they have attacked. Closing borders would have done nothing.
    5. Faking the Syrian passport was a trick. This reaction - "ban all Syrians" - is a desired response in ISIS terms.A decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria. At the time of Jesus birth, Nazareth came under the governorship of Syria. Jesus was once a Syrian refugee.
    I live in London, UK, and am very aware of the terrorist threat. Every working day I pass through areas that are likely targets, and I am constantly on the look out for strange activity. I also support moves to welcome more refugees to the UK. We could do far more to help those in need, and it is to our shame that we have done so little to date.

    I also believe that, long-term, we are making our own nation more vulnerable by allowing so few people to seek refuge here.
  3. This is your belief. I hope that you are sponsoring some syrians to live in your home. Show them the love you say you have for them.
  4. That's not practical at this stage. Due to the Government's policy, very few Syrian refugees have entered the UK, and those that have tend to arrive in families. The government's reasons for taking so few are nothing to do with a terror threat and more about the UK's capacity to absorb migrants.

    Finding accommodation is not a problem for most - but offers of friendship, welcome, help with language teaching and assistance with things such as registering with doctors and schools are where churches can do a lot to help people settle in.

    BTW In my first post I didn't make any claim about love.
  5. I go for the evil spirit. It is obvious that Obama has been chosen to be a weak president through his left-wing Humanism and thus allow the rise of
    Putin and a resurgent Russia. Obama has done much to harm and undermine Israel's security.
    The Lord Jesus is playing chess with the nations as we come closer and closer to Armageddon, and the return
    of our Lord to save what is left of humanity.
  6. That may be... but according to the Bible Islam is a religion of Satan.
    Any religion opposed to the Bible is a religion of Satan. (peaceful or not)
    I could say many Christians want the same thing. Just to live in peace and freedom.
    But at least we are not killing them simply for being here.
    There are over 120 Islamic nations, why do these people not go there?

    Should we be helping? Possibly. Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor. It's true we could do more.
    But we could do more for those who are already in our countries.
    We could do more for those committed to becoming citizens who have pledged allegiance to the
    respective countries they are "fleeing" to. But yet "the vast, vast majority" as it was put in post #3
    do not want to do this.

    They want to remain loyal to the country of their birth. They want to remain loyal to their religion/faith
    as we all do. But to tolerate their religion is to tolerate a demonic religion.

    Charity begins at home.
    Gal 6:10; .. especially those who are the household of faith".
    1 Tim 5:8; .. if anyone does not provide for his own, especially those of his household, he has denied the faith
    and is worse than an unbeliever.
    1 Jn 3:17; Whoever has plenty and sees his 'brother' in need and closes his heart against him, how
    does the love of God abide in him?
    James 2:15-16; If a brother or sister is without clothing or food....

    We should be taking care of those of family of God before we are taking care of those of other faiths.
    If we can do both, great... but lets not do more for Satan than we do for our own.
  7. I am honestly shocked and grieved to read this on a Christian website. Please think again. Read again how Jesus treated outsiders in the gospels. Take note of the sermon on the mount. I am sure you know where to look.

    Even if you consider these refugees enemies, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you"

    Tonight mothers and fathers weep for lost sons and daughters. Don't close your hearts.
  8. Well, Americans are fully acquainted with terrorism: KKK, Charles Whitman, Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, and Seung-Hui Cho. None of these people were Arabic, and all were American citizens. You couldn't shut the doors; they lived there already.

    The average Muslim is no different than you or I: they only want to be able to play with their grandchildren in peace. Unfortunately, a few bad apples are ruining the whole barrel within and without. While I agree that the freedom of religion is a good thing, it can also work against you depending on what the majority wants. Right now, you are the majority. In 50 years, someone else could. Ask the natives.

    If you don't pray for your enemies with sincerity, remember what goes around may come around.
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  9. I get the praying for them thing, and I agree wholeheartedly, but Jesus Himself dodged danger when it wasn't for saving us from our sins. That tells me we ought to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

    Though I'd love to see them saved and helped, there is an obvious agenda. I don't think sacrificing the nation's children for the adult's lack of diligence is fair.

    The problem with "the average muslim" and "a few bad apples" is that is exactly how they are playing the gig.

    Do you give in to the trojan horse and drown the whole nation? Or leave the virus and those currently infected by it out? They are using the "average muslim" as cipher to create destruction through people's good hearts.


    But... with all this stated, our opinions aren't going to change the outcome overall. It's written in God's book already foreseen by Him.

    The take away from it is to be prepared with scripture, to expect the unexpected, and to do the will of God no matter what curses seem to be befalling us in this life.
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  10. I always wondered how Long Jesus taught his disciples before he sent them out to preach the good news! We have seen in our world today many who believe they are called to preach before they have even obtained the proper knowledge first!!( Hosea 4:6) So that the wisdom of God himself rolls in just like his glory does upon that believer ( 1 Cor 1:30-31) causing a great effect upon all those who are hearing that believer!( Mark 16:14-20!!) Look close at verse 14! The reason Jesus reproached them is because he taught them this prior! So perhaps it is best to preach upon what Jesus has done for you rather then in what he can do for others! Until one obtain's proper knowledge to teach his wisdom. Example! ( Mark 5:15-19) To the man who had just been delivered Jesus instructed him to do the following! Verse 19!! If Jesus is not personal to us how can one look to explain just how important Jesus is to become to others?

    How this ties in with this topic. What does courage mean? If the person who lives next to you is being robbed on a daily basis and you are not at home to help him,what can he do? How many Jews would have been murdered if they would have fought back at the enemy? Who comes to our aid to fight our battles for us?? Who cares enough to even wish to?? You get the point! For the believer we all know the Lord does and will!! ( Rom 8:31-39)

    Why are so many so in the Middle East such cowards! Blunt,but true! And what is the reward for those who would help? Not peace of mind, that is for sure!! LOL The so called religion they profess to have,is only a mask for a lifestyle which looks to place everyone in the same bondage they themselves are already in! THERE LAW!!! A man made doctrine under the mask of a god! Not our God! Love from them comes with very harsh conditions! yet Jesus taught this!!( 1 cor 13:4-8) How is there belief in any way or in any form like ours?? It isn't! They have become like the prophet Isaiah stated so long ago!( Matt 13:14-15!!) And many so called believers are preaching there and dieing there because they are doing Matt 7:6

    To destroy the enemy one must restore what has become lost first!( john 10:10) and change his lie to truth!( John 8:44) If a person is stupid enough to allow someone else to keep coming in to rob them, who's fault is that mine?? LOL ( Gal 6:1-5) Make no mistake,everyone will learn the easy way,or the hard way to bear his own load!!verse 5. Verse 4!! If I myself am not restored in Christ Jesus how can I boast that he can and will do the same for another? I can,but the effect will be much different,as it is now for many believers living there! Reality can be hard to take!

    But until one deal's with the truth, most look to live in a lie,for themselves,and then for others! That is really what is going on there! And why they are in such hardship!Now the grace part LOL I am not pointing my fingers at them,I am pointing them at what they should be seeing, but yet do not see! The Lord has always allowed his people to have choice,and from the choice they themselves make comes the result! And if one is so unhappy with the result, why in the world would you continue to do the same? Its insane! How many times will you run into a wall before you either get to hurt to do it,or are in so much pain from doing it? This is what has been going on there now for decades!

    This brother's and sister's is far more then living a new lifestyle,this is a Spirit doing this,perhaps a legion by now there! Until the enemy is defeated, it matters not how many we destroy due to this belief,as we all have seen in the past the harder people come against this evil the more it grows,that is because this is not flesh and blood! But they themselves have to believe this!! We cannot believe for them!

    No more then Jesus can ever believe for any of us!!( Rom 10:10) BUT!!! What is true, is that what ones chooses to believe will affect there life forever! Hence the problem in the Middle East! My view.If to new people this sounds a tad bit harsh,grace and truth sure can be, check out what Jesus himself said to those who thought they will the pillars of the Church!!( Matt 23!!) In closing we must all realize (Rom 13:11-14) and James 1:22 so that we can then have the wisdom of God he gave us to be able to answer others!( Col 4:6) I do not speak this out of any anger whatsoever! I speak this in my view of the situation. Do I have a bad view of things?? Hey I can be corrected!! Have at it!! LOL
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  11. Are we still talking about Syria? The ancient Christian presence in Syria has been almost completely extinguished. Civilians are caught in a vicious three way war between Isis, the government and the rebel forces. At the same time, the nations are playing out their own power game. Half the country's population has either been killed or forced from their homes.

    Laughing about cowardice in the face of such a situation is not a Christ-like response.
  12. I love you brother.. you're such a goof. LOL

    There have been many days you have put a smile on my face. Sometimes you remind me of myself, except you typically make more sense than I do! :laugh:
  13. I believe you are mistaken about his laughing. That is the joy of the Lord in him. Things aren't always what they seem, and our ignorance can make us think what we see is what we assume.

    It is his personality, and it is in every post. He is very much Christ-like. Christ told the truth, and yet still loved those He talked to and about.

    Was this very Christ-like?

    John 3:18
    He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    Christ, condemning people? Hmm. Maybe we focus too much on trying to make Christ like Gandhi sometimes.

    Brighthouse is being himself, and he is being honest brother. He is not laughing at people's suffering itself. Don't misunderstand him or assume things. Romans 14:4
  14. I'm not making assumptions about people beyond what I see on my computer screen. My response is based on the words in the post, not on my beliefs about the people who write them.

    I am sorry to say that by naming people that live under the constant threat of two vicious armies 'cowards', lacks in both truth and in love.

  15. In that case, I believe the correct response would be to go to God in prayer. What did Jesus say to do? Pray for them. Does God not know every man's heart?

    Perhaps wondering and asking him what he meant, rather than assuming he was applying the adjective to everyone in that region, would be more productive brother.

    While this is what you state now.

    This is what you stated prior.

    Though like I said things aren't always what they seem, which means that applies here as well... it certainly looks from an outward appearance to be an implication, that is, an assumption regarding displayed character.

    Maybe you could clarify for anyone so that they see your good intent, rather than assume themselves you simply want to point a finger. I don't believe that is what you meant to do. At least I hope not, as from what I have seen of the man he has a good heart and cares for people.

    It is better for a witness to state this than for the person themselves as that is a conflict of interest. I, on the other hand, get nothing out of stating he is a good man. Only the satisfaction that the truth was told.

    I'm not here to bicker. But I'm very defensive myself, as you are being defensive of the people that are suffering right now. So I can very much understand your perspective.

    I simply believe it is a misunderstanding, and I feel it would be better to ask for clarification rather than imply someone isn't being Christ-like without knowing exactly what they meant.

    Are we sure that he was referring to those you are assuming he was?


    This is the sentiment that you are alluding to. Lets see if we can find any truth in it without even asking for clarification. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you messaged him, but for arguments sake.

    1) There are people killing other innocent people with weapons, and then running away.

    2) There are people defending the people killing other people rather than speaking against it.

    3) There are people speaking pure hatred about Jews, Americans, and many other nations they are currently attacking and terrorizing.

    4) There are people hiding their faces while promoting these evils.

    If you ask me, I believe the man spoke the truth. Christ was hated for one reason brother:

    John 7:7
    7The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

    He spoke the truth.
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  16. OK. I've had my say on the subject and I'll not add to it or attempt to refine it here. I wrote the posts above because I believe it is important to be compassionate as we talk about people who are suffering.
  17. A coward is laughed at! But let me define what I mean by a coward, which my help many to understand my thought process. A coward is a person who does not even have the common sense enough to stand up for himself,let alone others! They run when they should fight,and hide from fear,when they really need to take a stand in there own life! And they are laughed at, because everyone can take advantage of a coward! They have no purpose,and give up all there rights as a value both to themselves and others! A coward is a Judas! taking any way out rather then dealing with reality! And being what God himself told us to become!!! 1 Cor 16:13-14 For love has no fear,and love brings confidence in victory!!!( 2 Cor 2:14-15) A coward has a sour smell to them. Hope this helps
  18. I understand compassion brother! I also understand the need to be a man,rather then stay a child!( 1 Cor 13:11!!!!)
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  19. Please understand what is happening in Syria. There is fighting on all sides. Caught in the middle are men women and children who have no weapons. There is very little such people - cowardly or brave - can do against helicopters with barrel bombs. Find out about what has been happening in Aleppo and places like it. It is easy to find first hand testimonies of people who have fled the war.
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