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Help with reading member search thread

I was trying to search member Holly HOBBIE. She is the REASON I am here. I will tell her how, and all the miraclous details of being lead here to TJ, in her profile, when I learn how. She dosn't know anything YET.

This is the question. I put Holly Hobbie in the search, that was fine I read search page, page 1 all the posted messages. I could not seem to continue to read the other search pages as there were 8 more to read. It says there 9 pages and I can'i get past search page 1.

Learning as I go.
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I moved your 3 posts to its own thread in the proper tech support forum since it has nothing to do with the Proper Editing/Grammar Guideline thread you posted in initially.

This is the person you're referring to:
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Click on the statistics tab and click "Find all posts by Holly Hobbie". You'll get 3 pages of results of her posts, if that's what you're looking for.