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veggie tales anyone?

anyone like veggie tales? I DO! sometimes its best to go back to kiddy music, it helps me relax most of the time.

If u like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make u smile, if u like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce isle...."have we got a show for u"
veggie tales, veggie tales, veggie tales...
Brocoli, celery, got a pea, veggie tales
cauliflower, sweet and sour, half and hour, veggie tales...

lol...i luv it... :love:
They sure put the joy of the Lord in you!!!

Got to luv :love: them!

When I hear them the song sticks in my head for days!!

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

YAY for Veggie Tales!!!!!! I'm 21..... and I still enjoy them! If I ever meet anyone on here, remind me to do the Junior impression- when I take in helium, I sound like him. It's sort of annoying
Who would have thought that spending time with vegetables would be so much fun.

I am 21 and still watch them. I think my favorite one is bob, or larry boy.
my kids love Veggie Tales..course I have caught myself at kitchen sink doing dishes singing The Bunny Song, the belly button song ect LOL
Jonah and the big fish is a good veggie tale . We all can relate to that one . :embarasse Peace . Mike
I love vegie tails, so do everyone in my family (my 40 something parents included).

We were on a Beach mission and the team decided to show a vegie tales video to the minnimites section (the really little ones like 7 and younger but at school). There was this one little girl the sweetest thing just starting kindgarten that year. She couldn't cope with the vegies Larry, Bob they were ok even Pa Grape, it was the French peas. She kept saying "but peas can't talk, they can't, my peas don't talk". Priceless, I can't help but wonder if here parents had any trouble getting her to eat her greens at the next meal with peas.
I also Love the Veggie tales ! (my kids do too ) My favorite song is "Zacchaeus" my second favorite is "Barbara Manatee" (I have no idea why that one lol)

My cousins little boy loves the veggie tales and she is on the larger scale in size and she went to a tanning booth well... she got a sunburn.... (can you see where this is going ?) ..... Until the burn fadded her son kept calling her "Bob"... he was only two at the time and it was sooo cute... so lesson of the story kids are hilarous!
my ultimate all time favorite vege tales song is love my lips... it cracks me up!!! whats also uber funny is one of my friends who moved to Australia this year from Japan can sing all Larry's silly songs in Japanese!!!it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. we drive our music class nuts!!! LOL... i love larry... he's so cute... i want a giant plush larry for my bday hehe... and im 16!!!
Veggie tales is classic! my uncle has about every episode on video and i remember when he used to watch them with me when i was a kid i loved it
Ya, Veggie Tales are cool. I have a few songs on cd. My sisters told on me saying that i was listening to Veggie tales. I am 17 and the songs are cool. My favorite song by them is the Hairbrush song.
Yes I DO!

When we were in college we watched them even!

They are a good medium by which the creator of veggie tales and those in alignment with them are doing well bringing forth the Truth!!!

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