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Vampire Coven

Staff Member
Someone pm'd me just now asking for prayer for her neice Devin. She is going to a vampire coven tonight and needs prayer to release her from this.

Please pray for this person Devin immediately upon reading this.

God bless you
Praise God this need was brought before the body of believers in order to pray. I pray that tonight God will surround Devin with a hedge of protection & the Blood of His Precious Son will cover her. I pray that His convicting power will be so strong upon her that she will be sickened by the thought of what she was going to do. I pray that tonight, instead of giving glory to satan, that she will give her heart to Jesus.

Thank You Father.
hmm i dont really know what that is . . .vampire coven .. . but it doesnt sound good. . .and nieces are usually young ones. . .Father God I pray you touch that young ladies heart in her life and draw her close to you, Jesus knock on her heart and protect her from all evil, Holy Spirit please be present in her family and reveal yourself :love: Amen
Devin is in my prayers! Brothers and sisters please be aware that these people Devin is involved in are NOT a joke!! They are evil!!! The ability they have to deceive is very strong! We know someone alot stronger !!! Amen!!! Please brother Chad let me know any updates!!! Let us not be quiet pray for this child!!!!!! Like she is your own!!!!!!!
Staff Member
The person that requested the prayer from me sent me this update:

Just a note to update you on my niece Devin.
By the grace and glory of God, the Lord saw fit
to spare Devin and he delivered her from harm on Hallaween.
We are not out of the woods yet.
There is still a battle raging for her soul, and until she comes
to Jesus, she is in great Danger!
Thank you for your prayers and support. It means more than
you will ever know.
Not a "game".

Well certainly I got chills reading this and started praying for her immediately. :thumbs_up: JLU is quite correct that Satanists and other cults are QUITE REAL. And their "logic" is sometimes quite convincing in getting young ones to blaspheme God, and take the Enemy's side as "unfairly judged" by our Creator. :thumbs_do:

It's a very, very serious issue, and I am praying quite seriously for this girl to be returned to her family and into the Body of Christ, unharmed. God bless you all for praying for this girl as one of our own "family" in the Church of Christ. :love: In the Love of Christ, CaliFlower :rose: