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Most of you know about my last school of last year where I had only 1 friend and was continuosly "crucified" for representing Christ so this year I started in a new school it was amazing as well as the end of last year i recieved 3 awesome friends that are now my best friends after crying myself sick for 2 years and continously qasking God for real friends.

Well at the new schoo,l I made plenty of new friends but 2 in particular I bought them each a chocolate to say thanx on Valebntines not epacting anything back.

On valentines I woke up havinfg spoken to God and telling Him how inlove I was with Him and how Amazing he was and then went to an early morning service feeling great.

Then when I got to school my 2 new friends were waiting for me and then the one gave me an envelope with a letter and chocolates in. What the girl said inside made me cry. Finally having all the friends that I wanted was amazing and a true bllessing. All of that day I felt Gods love for me I was truely blessed. Then this fri at csv (a christian youth at church in breaks at school0 They spoke on God speaking to you and asked for peole to say what they had on their heart that God was saying and I got this message "I am God I stick to my promises to you" And then I told them about the fr=iend thing.

This is my message to you. Be patient for the friends God wants you to have because He alone knows who you need in your life and who they really are. Jesus is amazing. Be Jesus and the bible to your fellow students who don't know God because you are the only Jesus they see and bible they erad.

God bless
That's an awesum testimony!!! Keep going strong for Jesus... he will never bail out on you!!! Bless your ministry to others too!!!!
God bless you princess!!!
That's amazing Alicia...
We must be patience in everything, in everyway, because Jesus y always thinking about us and blessing us... Just that everything has its own time.

I was touched by you saying tht we are the only Jesus that most of people who don't knows Jesus sees in their lives.

I'm at my university right now and I can't stop thinking about all this people in this room... Most of them have no idea about God's love...Wow... We must show Jesus every single day of our lives.

I'm glad that Jesus showed you His power, Amen for your new friends,
God bless you a lot!!

Your sis, Patty
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