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I wonder could I ask you to pray please. My daughter who is at bible school in the US has been taken to hospital this morning. I'm here in the UK, and worried. She's in the emergency room now. Please pray for us all.
Will keep you all in prayer and continue to do so.

Father, I come before you in prayer for the daughter of sunshine. I pray that You will be with her where she is in hospital and that You will carry her during this time. Father I pray for Your healing hand and I believe that Your will be done here. I pray and believe that You will keep her in your arms during this time and carry her through this difficult time.

Abba Father I pray that you will be with Sunshine and her family in this unknowing time bring calm and peace to the raging storm and fear for their child in their hearts.

Father I know you are in control and believe in Your healing power.

Thank you Father that we can call on Your mighty name. Thank you for knowing that You are in control and thank you for unfailing unconditional love.

I pray this in the Name of Jesus Chirst.

In the Name of Jesus Chirst Amen. God is with your daughter sister.

Psa 34:7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.
Definately praying. Please keep us updated.

Jesus, we thank you for your great mercies in our lives, we come before your throne right now as a petition for your hand of healing on Sunshine's daughter. May Your will be done Father, we are your servants and follow your will in everything. Comfort Sunshine and her husband, give them peace Lord God, please give the Doctor's wisdom. Thank you Father in Heaven for hearing our prayings.
Thank you for your prayers. I've had a call from my daughter, they are keeping her in at least overnight. They think it's her gall-bladder, but blood tests are coming back normal. She's to have another test tomorrow that they don't do on weekends. Surgeon said her gall-bladder might not be working properly, and if not will need to come out. I had my gall-bladder out when I was 22, as did my grand-father, so it is possible it is the cause.
Father I pray you bless sunshines family and protect her daughter this day, Thank you Jesus that we can start this year with trusting You, please comfort sunshines daughter right now with your loving spirit and restore her fully, in Your mighty name I pray Jesus Amen :love:
Prayers for sunshine

:rose: Hope your daughter is doing okay. Prayers of love for you both. Amen: Pxie:rose:
I'll be keeping you and your daughter in prayer today too. (As are so many of us!) And yes, praise God for the update and grant her some conclusive tests, Lord.
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I'm just off the phone with my daughter. She needs her gallbladder removed, and should be having surgery today. She's frightened of surgery and hospitals, so would you please pray. She was crying because I can't be with her - now I'm upset too.
I will...

sunshine307 said:
I'm just off the phone with my daughter. She needs her gallbladder removed, and should be having surgery today. She's frightened of surgery and hospitals, so would you please pray. She was crying because I can't be with her - now I'm upset too.
I will pray and all ready have, that our God, the God of all comforting, fill you both with his love at this time of trial, and thus caste out the fear that is trying to deceive you both into believing that anything can happen without God's plan being involved.

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Continue to pray.:rainbow: (hang on to the promise in His word)

(received this mail - hope it bless you as it blessed me)

Hello God,

I called tonight

To talk a little while

I need a friend who'll listen

To my anxiety and trial.

You see, I can't quite make it

Through a day just on my own...

I need your love to guide me,

So I'll never feel alone.

I want to ask you please to keep

My family safe and sound.

Come and fill their lives with confidence

For whatever fate they're bound.

Give me faith, dear God, to face

Each hour throughout the day,

And not to worry over things

I can't change in any way.

I thank you God for being home

And listening to my call,

For giving me such good advice

When I stumble and fall.

Your number, God, is the only one

That answers every time.

I never get a busy signal,

Never had to pay a dime.

So thank you, God, for listening

To my troubles and my sorrow.

Good night, God, I love You too,

And I'll call again tomorrow!
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Sister GOD is with her and you also. Don't worry. Hospitals are very high tech in the U.S. and these surgeries are common nowadays. Nothing to worry about. In my prayers as always. GOD bless you
Praise the Lord

Thank you all for your prayers. Praise the Lord my daughter has just had her operation and is in recovery. They were able to do keyhole surgery, and if she's feeling ok will be discharged tomorrow. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.
cool :love: Thank you Father for these good and relaxing news, thank you Jesus for Your presence in sunshine's family, for your comfort and your peace through your loving Spirit :love: Amen
Please tell your daughter HELLO and Congratulations: Good Job girl for hanging in there :love:

Lord we come before you and ask that you release your peace the peace that passes all understanding, not as the world but only as you give. Still sunshine307 heart and show that your hand is upon her daughter. Release your healing upon her and restore her to health, in Jesus name.


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