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[urgent] They plan to let him die today!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Glow, May 12, 2014.

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    Please pray for my friend's husband's grandfather! They're planning to let him die today after giving up on treatments, and she doesn't believe that he's saved! Please, please pray that he'll be saved! Please pray for God's will in this situation! And pray for the family to do whatever God wills for them to do!

    All prayers are appreciated!
  2. Praying God's will be done in this situation!!
  3. I am also praying for this situation.
  4. I'll pray that he gets the chance to be reconciled through Lord Jesus Christ
  5. I pray that's he's in the conscious position to accept the God of Abraham who created every living thing, who sent his son to reconcile us through the shedding of blood, whose Holy Spirit is the revealer of all truth and the comforter. May the blindfolds be removed so he can accept this truth.
  6. Hi sister,

    I apologize I just saw your prayer request now. Please update us on this situation. Trust in Jesus always.
  7. As Brother Chad said.
    Just saw this today and have prayed for him. As always, may His will be done.
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    Greetings sister @Glow

    Have been thinking about your post and this dear unsaved man

    Wondering how this situation has progressed and whether you could post an update.

    Blessings and prayers

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