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Urgent Prayer

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I would like to ask you to pray for my sons friend Matt. He was in a very bad accident almost 2 weeks ago . He is in a coma and the docotors are saying he recieved a frontal lobe injury called shearing. He is only 30 years old, he has a wife and 2 small children. Holly his wife has not left the hospital once since they brought him in. The doctors say they know he's not brain dead , but they can not say how he will be untill he wakes up either , or if he wakes up they can not even tell if he will. Thank you in advance for all prayers.:love:
Hi Greyfeather,

I will certainly keep your son Matt in my prayers. May the Lord Jesus Christ give you and your family hope, peace, and encouragement during this time of waiting. God bless.

Best wishes,
Your in my prayers . 30 years old is too young . God have mercy on this young man . Mike
I am praying for that family ! Please let us know of the progress ! Because we know the best doctor! Jehovah Rapha !
Believing God for a miracle in Matt's body and for Matt's struggles with God to be resolved while he sleeps.
Father I come to you today and i ask lord that you heal this man and wife, protect their children and bless the family as a whole. Everything happens for a reason lord and you are the only one who can reach this man in his current state i pray you be with him show him your ways lord and the wife Jesus. I just pray lord that you give this family a blessing they wont forget, a healing that will heal all and a love that will protect forever and i pray this in your name Jesus. Amen!
Uniting in Prayer


I pray that God will reverse things such that instead of Matt's family receiving a horrific surprise, I pray they will receive a wonderous, awesome, astound-ing, joyful, huge, & possitive surprise.

I am & will be praying for him, his wife, their kids, his kin, & GreyFeather's son.
-----_________------------(|) - hands clasped in prayer

I know another Matt / Matthew who lost his mother & sisters in a fire this year (in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, U.S.A.).

Please join me in praying for him too
& maybe even all Matts / Matthews as well.
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I have an update on Matt, the doctors say if he comes out of the coma they feel he will be in a vegitative state. They have put him in another part of the hospital for long term care patients. Holly his wife has not left the hospital since the accident and it is so hard for her, because the doctors are not giving her any hope. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as I am . I belive that God hears our prayers and can and does work miricles , even if doctors have given up , God is there. Thank you all very much for your prayers.
sorry to hear that kind of upsetting news, greyfeather. About 4 yrs ago, My stepsons Mother was also, in a bad car accident was also in a coma.. Just because the Drs give up on him doesnt mean that everyone is going too.. I pray that he will come out of it, and help your daughter raise their kids.. and may God be with her and give her strength to take care of things, till he is able.. My stepsons mom, has rough times still.. But she did get to come home after 4 months in the hospital. Also, but she is still here to take care of her son.. May God be with the Drs, and give them wisdom, to help him also.. Yall are in my prayers.. God Bless, Suzeva
I just got an update on Matt, he has been upgraded from critical to seroius. They moved him out off the ICU unit into another room. I believe that God is moving in a mighty way with Matt. The doctors had told his wife Holly just days ago she should think of takeing him off the breathing devise. Now he's upgraded! Please keep Matt and his family lifted up in prayer, and thak all of you for your prayers .
I have been away for 4 days , and no computer to let you all know that Matt has been upgraded to fair condition. God is truly working in him, and all the prayers are being anserwed . Please keep him in your prayers and thank you all so very much.

Be assured we will pray for him my friend. If you will allow I would like to offer up this prayer for Matt and his family:
Dearest Father Giver of Life,
We come in agreement with our sister for the life of Matt. You told us to take
dominion and authority over our circumstances according to your written word. It is written that you are the God that heals all of our dieases, that by your stripes we are healed and that we have dominion over all the works of our Fathers hands. We declaire now that Matt is healed in the name of Jesus.
We command all injured cells in his body to be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit and that they align themselves with your Word right now! We declair there will be no lasting ill effects from this accident and that he has the mind of Christ; whole, healed and alert! We bind in the name of Jesus all
reports that come against God's Word concerning Matts healing and we will believe only the report of the Lord! The Word of God is health to our navel and marrow to our bones. We speak those things that be not as though they were! Now Lord, we offer up our Thanksgiving and Praise to you for hearing our prayers and answering. You are a Wonderful, Faithful and Loving God. The one True God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Blessed be the name of the Lord. We ask you also Lord to be with the family and strengthen them. Give them a confidence in your Word that they have never experienced before. Let the Holy Spirit inside of them bring them to new levels of faith and hope.
Be of good courage my friend and believe. With God all things are possible.
In His Service,
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1. I am terribly sorry for my late reply, missed the thread.

2. I will keep him and the family in prayer

3. Praise the Lord for the obvious recovery!
Just recieved news , Matt is listed in fair condition his vital sighns are very good, but he is falling in and out of a coma like state. He has nerve damage to some of the nerves in the frontal lobe of the brian which the doctors had already known. Of course the doctors didn't think he could breath on his own , but they took him off the nentilator and miricle he has been breathing on his own since. I think that this in and out coma is Gods way of letting him rest till his brain mends. So please keep praying , his wife and children need him and love him so much. Thank you in advance.
Thank you for the update greyfeather. Still believing with you for his complete recovery, believing God is doing an inner spiritual work as much as an outer physical work.