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Urgent Prayer Request

Happy Greetings My new found Brothers and Sisters,
I have an urgent prayer request for a very dear friend of mine in Scotland from His Daughter, he is not doing very well and has not been in very good health at all for at least 6 months. She did ask if we would pass along asking for prayer for him and I do know that they could certainly use prayer themselves. It has been very rough on them and comfort and strength prayers would be welcomed.
His name is Macca, I know that he is definately a believer, whether or not he is saved I cannot honestly tell you, so the best I can ask for for him is that Our Father's will be done in their lives. Have not been in a particular situation as such to be able to ask exactly where he stands. I do know that he is a very Loving, careing, and definately giving man that believes.
So Thank You for your prayers.
GOD Bless,Love, Peace, and Prayers,
I will pray Freedom. I am not sure what exactly you want us to pray about, though. I will submit his cares to the Lord. I will also pray for his salvation and the salvation of his household. I will also pray for his health. If you can offer any more details, we could pray a little bit more specifically. But I will pray nonetheless.
I wish him the best.

Thank You Eden, unfortunately I know that this may sound strange to say that he is a dear friend, and yet not know the specifics, this is how the matter is though I know that he is older and has not been of very good health for a long time. We belong to the same fellowship and though I don't know him well, I do know him well. Difficult to explain. I do know that when last talking with him about his health, he stated that he was waiting to find out when they were going to start treatments on him?? Now, we have received a letter asking for prayer from his daughter and if we could ask others to pray as well. He is areally dear soul to me and so I am asking, what better persons to ask, than my brothers and sisters in christ here and at my church. Thank You all for your prayers,
GOD Bless,Love, Peace, and Prayers,